Winchmore School 'Degenerative Art': a Tribute to Holocaust Memorial Day

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Photograph from the Enfield Independent


Winchmore School is a Specialist Arts College and our students have recently participated in a series of workshops exploring: art banned by the Nazis; art created during the Holocaust; art looted by the Nazis and art created after the Holocaust. This exhibition comprises of two themes which our students wanted to highlight: 'Degenerate Art' and 'keep the memory alive'.

"Degenerate art" was the term given by the Nazis to any piece of artwork that did not fit their ideal. Artwork that was classed as degenerate art was often abstract, or expressionistic, as Hitler particularly did not like modern art. Artwork by Jewish artists was often deemed degenerate art too. In 1937, the Nazi party held an art exhibition in Munich to highlight art considered degenerate. Hitler, who was himself an artist, preferred realistic artworks, yet abstract and modern styles were considered more popular at the time. Hosting a degenerate art exhibition was an opportunity to mock modern art. Some of the artwork was later burned by the Nazis.


We feel it is important to remember our history and what happened during the Holocaust where millions of lives were lost. Holocaust survivors will not live for ever and we must "keep the memory alive" and never forget what atrocities people suffered and even still experience today in one form or another.


Here are some samples of our students work, based on original art works. We have contributed to a display at the Dugdale Centre in Enfield, to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day, January 27th, 2015.


Alison Grassham

Head of Art and Arts College Community Coordinator, Winchmore School

Holly Marquez

                                               Charlie Halabi                                                                    Sofia Esposito                                        

                                                        Marie Sadler                                                                             Krzysztof Bielws

Read statements from the students about the projects and the art they have depicted here

Winchmore School pays tribute to Holocaust Memorial Day, through the medium of art.

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