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            Here are the reults of the local elections for Grange and Winchmore Hill wards








ANDY MILNE Conservative 2627 (20.4%) Elected

CHRIS DEY Conservative 2538 (19.7%) Elected

TERENCE NEVILE Conservative 2527 (19.6%) Elected

HAZEL KINSLER Labour 1352 (10.5%)

VANESSA SKARPARI Labour 1185 (9.2%)

RASHEED SADEGH-ZADEH Labour 1159 (9.0%)

STUART LAYCOCK Liberal Democrats 512 (4.0%)

NEIL ANDERTON Liberal Democrats 511 (4.0%)

ROBERT WILSON Liberal Democrats 458 (3.6%)


 Winchmore Hill


DINAH BARRY Labour 2054 (15.1%) Elected

IAN BARNES Labour 1963 (14.4%) Elected

MARIA ALEXANDROU Conservative 1956 (14.4%) Elected

GONUL DANIELS Conservative 1891 (13.9%)

PAUL MANDEL Conservative 1873 (13.8%)

CALVIN TUCKER Labour 1624 (12.0%)

HARRY REDMOND Independent 549 (4.0%)

ALISON PHILLIPS Green 498 (3.7%)

LYNNE DAVIES Green 457 (3.4%)

MATTHEW MCLAREN Liberal Democrats 431 (3.2%)

LORICE STAINER Liberal Democrats 293 (2.2%)


Read all the Borough of Enfield results here



Statements from Candidates


NEIL ANDERTON (Liberal Democrats)

The UK that I know and love is moderate, outward thinking, open minded and inclusive. I campaigned hard to remain in the EU and was appalled at the misinformation on both sides of the argument which led to the worst political decision this country has made in many decades. In these times of division and polarisation between the two main parties there is a desperate need to return to the core British values which the Liberal Democrats espouse.

As your local councillor for the Grange Ward my aim will be to improve local services, including transport and increase school places close to students' homes. I will also support local businesses and seek to improve the lives of the least fortunate in the borough.

Enfield Liberal Democrats Manifesto


CHRIS DEY (Conservative)

I was born in Chase Farm Hospital growing up and going to school in the Borough at St Andrews Enfield and then Bishop Stopfords School. I am passionate about our borough and it being a great place for us all to live and work. I live in Grange ward near Enfield Town Park with my partner.

I work in the retail sector as a Managing Partner and Co-owner of a popular retail brand. I've worked for this organisation for 23 years, having joined the business when I left full time education.


I volunteer some of my spare time running adventurous outdoor activities for young people, with the largest youth movement in the world. I am interested in sports and healthy activities and enjoy running, cycling and working out in our local gym. My other big passion is cars and motorcycling.


If elected as a local councillor I will focus on making sure we get good value for money as council tax payers and that the local authority provides the services we need. I am passionate about road safety and devote time to a well known road safety charity. I think that the Council needs to do more to make the town centre a destination so that all the shops are occupied providing us with a greater variety of stores. Causes that I will champion if elected.


Our manifesto key priorities are:

• Listen and respond to residents' concerns

• Deliver a value for money, low tax council focussed on front line services

• Keep our streets clean and tidy –fly tipping will not be tolerated

• Protect and enhance our Borough's open spaces and the Green Belt

• Deliver a school place for every child by supporting new secondary schools and expanding existing ones

• Deliver new affordable homes for sale and rent

• Invest in our high streets and town centres to reduce empty shops

• Work with the Police to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour

• Deliver a Borough of opportunity for all by encouraging inward investment and creating new jobs

You have three votes on May 3rd use them to vote for Terry Neville, Andy Milne and Chris Dey

Enfield Conservative Manifesto



I am honoured, once again, to be standing as a candidate for Labour in the local council elections on May 3rd in Grange ward where I have lived for many years.

Most residents care about the refuse collection and clean streets and the impact of traffic in the area.


Labour's record on refuse collection is good . Recently our Labour council has set up a new fly tipping clean up squad with CCTV cameras positioned at hotspots to catch offenders. I would always be available to Grange residents to deal with any concerns here in our ward.


Knocking on doors in Winchmore HILL ward on Friday, residents in Barrowell Green were concerned about speeding cars on that road. Some form of traffic calming is needed. Old Park Ridings is another such case! I would be lobbying, mightily, on behalf of our residents.NOT ONE PENNY OF COUNCIL TAX PAYERS MONEY HAS GONE TO FUND THE CYCLE LANES



STUART LAYCOCK (Liberal Democrats)

I have lived here and raised a family here for many years. I love the area and would value the opportunity to serve it and its residents as councillor. I have never seen Britain as divided as it is today, and in such a difficult political environment it's vital that the centre ground has a strong voice speaking loudly, with people prepared to make the values of Britain's centre ground their priority. If I am elected a councillor I will stand up for the centre ground in Enfield

Enfield Liberal Democtats Manifesto

TERRY NEVILLE (Conservative)

I have been a councillor in Enfield for 32, most of the time representing Grange Ward, but originally for Winchmore Hill.


I am married, now with four grandchildren, a lawyer, magistrate and retired director of John Lewis plc. On the Council, I have held most senior positions including Conservative leader for two separate terms. I'm passionate about the Environment in its widest sense, and when we were last controlling the Council, I was Cabinet Member for 8 years. Particular achievements include initiating smoking ban for London through London Council's in 2003/4, which led to the government; securing the replacement of antiquated streetlighting; creating an Envro Crime Unit for Enfield to implement a tough zero tolerance policy on littering and dumping; and introducing the first local authority Climate Change Board in London in 2006;


If elected I hope to continue to serve the residents of this area to the best of my ability.

Enfield Conservative Manifesto


ANDY MILNE (Conservative)


I am lifelong resident of the Borough and was educated at Eversley Primary and Southgate Secondary Schools. Following an active role with the Grange Park Residents Association was elected as a Conservative Councillor for Grange Ward in 2014.


I have extensive knowledge of Local Government having qualified as an Environmental Health Officer in 1984 and has worked in a number of senior positions in a number of London Local Authorities. I have worked in the Private Sector since 2013.


I have been a member of the Planning Committee, and I have been a champion of local residents with respect planning applications; supporting applicants through the process and leading objections to unsuitable schemes. Since being elected as a Councillor in 2014 I have also held the positions of Shadow Cabinet Member for Public Heath, Regeneration and Finance. I am currently campaigning for improved road crossings in and around the Grange Park area, particularly roads serving local schools.


I have a keen interest in improving customer service and access to Council Officers, I have very recently brought several examples of poor customer service to the attention of the Council's Chief Executive where the current administration is failing the public. The Conservatives have a commitment to run an open and transparent Council, and as regular readers of your blog will know, that cannot be said of the current Labour administration.


I do not believe the Cycle Enfield experiment will achieve its purpose of significantly increasing the uptake of cycling, and that is why I have continually opposed the spending of circa £42m of your money on the scheme.


I am also extremely concerned about the staggering debt being accumulated by the current Labour administration which now stands at around £650m.

Enfield Conservative Manifesto



ROBERT WILSON (Liberal Democrats)


I'm standing as a candidate as I believe Enfield Council in its current form pays scant or no regard to the opinions and wishes of its residents. Too often we have seen the council engage in consultations which in my opinion are fake and pre-determined.


The result of not listening to the residents is flawed policy that often achieves the opposite of what was intended. For instance, at present the council seem hell bent on imposing their vision of a transport policy regardless of anyone who lives in Enfield.


Whilst the aims may be laudable the implementation has been in my view appalling and shambolic. This all could have been avoided by the council holding proper consultations and listening to people for a change. We could have built something together that achieved the aims and brought people along with it, whilst not everyone would have got everything they wanted we could have done this so much better.


The irony is that this policy is called 'mini-Holland', the one thing Holland is renowned for is tolerance of views, building of consensus and engagement of everyone.


This is what as Liberal Democrats we will build in Enfield, a council that listens and acts for the people of Enfield

Enfield Liberal Democrats Manifesto



Winchmore Hill 



Hello, my name is MARIA ALEXANDROU and I am one of the three Conservative Party candidates representing Winchmore Hill ward in the local elections on the 3rd May.


Having lived in Enfield for over 30 years, I love the close community atmosphere. I am married with four children and have a degree in Economics and Sociology. My children attended local schools and our doctor's surgery is in Winchmore Hill. You will regularly find me in Sainsbury's Winchmore Hill shopping for the family.


I always support local shops by giving them my custom whether it be having keys cut, buying door accessories and dry cleaning to name a few. Speaking to residents and businesses, they have raised issues of concern-

 Fly tipping

 Pot holes

 Cycle lanes

 Local businesses

 Zebra crossings

 Secondary school places

 Police officers


If you elect me as your Councillor, I promise to fight for you to ensure that 

  • The fly tipping epidemic is dealt with
  • Pot holes and pavements are repaired
  • Orcas are replaced with reflective studs and the dangerous raised bus ramps are removed
  • Support for local businesses with free 30 minute high street parking
  • Zebra crossings near schools are increased for a safer walk to school for children
  • Every child has a secondary school place
  • To increase the number of council funded police officers.


I urge you to use your 3 votes to vote for the 3 Conservative candidates who will work very hard as your Councillors if elected, MARIA ALEXANDROU, GONUL DANIELS and PAUL MANDEL

Winchmore Hill Conservative leaflet





Unlike all three Conservative candidatesI live in our ward. Home is Fernleigh Road with Beth and their daughter. 


A journalist for the BBC news before moving into directing drama and comedy - most recently 'Death in Paradise', Ian also teaches at the London Film School and London Film Academy.


Having experienced the benefits first hand, I am passionate about the personal, professional and social benefits of creativity and the arts. I am a a member of 'Speakers For Schools' and have talked to pupils across the Borough about career opportunities. I am a mentor to local filmmakers in the Talkies HERE festival as well as being a BAFTA mentor at a national level.


As a local resident my concerns are focused on policing and crime, education and the environment of Winchmore Hill. Living in the ward, walking the streets daily, gives you a sense of pride and protecting our ward is why I've chosen to run as Councillor.

Winchmore Hill Labour Candidate Bios




I have been a Councillor representing Winchmore Hill since 2014. My chidren, now parents themselves went to Enfield Schools and I am a member of Winchmore Hill Quaker Meeting. 


My family no longer need a car - walking our local streets means that I know the area well and helps me to identify issues that need attention. 


Having lived in Winchmore Hill since 1991, I was already aware of some of the long-standing issues that needed to be tackled. Focussing on the needs of the community, I was successful in getting new drains built which now prevent flooding onto the streets off Compton Road. I secured a commitment from GTR to make Winchmore Hill station safe for passengers. 


Since 2014 I have dealt with at least 1,000 local issues on behalf of residents. If re-elected, I will continue to work hard to make Winchmore HIll a better place for you and your family. 

WInchmore Hill Labour Candidate Bios 


GONUL DANIELS (Conservative)

I am delighted to be the Conservative Party candidate standing in Winchmore Hill Ward in the 2018 Borough Elections.


I grew up in Southgate and have lived in Enfield all of my life. I have a young family and my children attend St Paul's Church of England Primary School in Winchmore Hill. I am active in my local parish church, St John the Evangelist.


I have volunteered in my local community for 15 years bringing education and technology skills to develop community groups. I am Chair of Governors at Ashmole Primary School, a school that I campaigned for and created with the Ashmole Team when Enfield's Labour Council refused to provide new places. The new school has improved the local economy by bringing new jobs and a £7.5mn permanent building project to Enfield Southgate. I am Vice-Chairman of Ashmole Academy Trust Board, a multi academy trust which I founded as Chair of Ashmole Academy to expand an educational centre of excellence and satisfy the need for school places in Southgate.


I campaign on women's issues and I am a Conservative Women's Organisation activist. I am the Area Chairman for the London CWO North West and I lead a team encouraging more women into public life. I recently held a fundraising dinner, attended by a Minister, an Ambassador and Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party for Communities, which raised money to be donated to women standing in future elections. I have worked with the Conservative Outreach team and last year visited Bosnia to train women parliamentary candidates for their General Election. Last summer I worked in the education aspect of Project Umubano in Rwanda and I have ambitions to initiate a similar project for Syrian refugees in Turkey.


I have been the Edmonton Parliamentary Candidate in the 2015 and 2017 General Elections. Issues that I highlighted in those elections still exist such as fly tipping. Enfield tops the list for the highest number of fly tipping incidents in England in 2016 – 2017. If I am elected I want to introduce measures that will eradicate this problem such as a single free large items collection per household.


On 3rd May you will have three votes. Vote for me, Gonul Daniels and my Conservative colleagues Maria Alexandrou and Paul Mandel to elect councillors who care about their community.

Winchmore Hill Conservative leaflet




I am particularly concerned about global warming. Climate change is not the myth that some politicians would have us believe. We have all seen the incidents of floods, drought and heat waves becoming the norm; and this is just in North London. But if we wait for the 'world' to act, it will soon be too late.


Climate change is probably the biggest threat we face today, but it is not such a problem to help reverse. We in Enfield can make a difference by ensuring all future buildings in the borough, that we live in, work in, and congregate in, are built to a much higher standard of energy efficiency.


So there is no reason to believe that we cannot make a difference. All we have to do to get the ball rolling, is to do something which is both constructive and possible. The buck stops here.

Green Party newsletter



PAUL MANDEL (Conservative)

It is a pleasure to be standing as a candidate to represent WInchmore Hill Ward in the elections on 3rd May. I have lived in the area with my family since 2005. My son attends St. Paul's Church of England primary school in Ringwood Way.


I have been on the committees of various local charities, community organisations and campaigns. Notably, I am one of the founders of the Save our Green Lanes (SOGL) campaign group, that has been vocal in highlighting the ongoing shortcomings of the mini-Holland project, in particular the A105 cycle lanes. If it wasn't for the changes Enfield Council made only as a result of objections by SOGL and numerous residents, the scheme would have suffered even more issues than it does now. However, a great deal still needs to be remedied.


If the Conservatives win the Council from Labour on 3rd May, we will make further changes to address the serious safety issues still inherent the scheme, particularly at bus stops, road junctions and in the shopping areas. We will look at ways too of reducing congestion and improving air quality.


But, we are also conscious of the need to avoid more unnecessary disruption and will consult fully, transparently and fairly on the proposals we put forward. Most importantly, we will take note of the consultation responses and only make changes that you want.


Enfield under the Conservatives will be a Low Council Tax Borough delivering good quality public services by reducing waste and inefficiency. Whichever party is in power after 3rd May, if elected as one of your councillors, you will find me approachable and hardworking , willing and enthusiastic to serve all Winchmore Hill residents.

On 3rd May you will have three votes. Please vote for MARIA ALEXANDROU, GONUL DANIELS and me, PAUL MANDEL.

Winchmore Hill Conservtive leaflet



MATT MCLAREN (Liberal Democrats)

I've lived in Winchmore Hill (on Green Lanes, just down the road from the Methodist Church) for five years now. Despite having previously been politically active (having stood to represent Greater London in the European Parliament in 2014), I hadn't planned on standing in the forthcoming election to Enfield Council. That is until two hugely important issues changed my mind, one local and one national – Cycle Lanes and Brexit!


Like so many of my friends and neighbours, I have been absolutely enraged by the Labour Council's Cycle Lanes project. Whatever the merits or otherwise of such a scheme, the way it has been implemented has completely disregarded local shops and business owners not to mention being enormously disruptive for residents enduring huge traffic disruption for months on end (in addition to ridiculously loud overnight roadworks vibrating through bedrooms at 3am!)


I support measures which promote sustainable transport solutions, improve transport capacity, and facilitate a healthier lifestyle; and therefore, in principle, would support the idea of dedicated cycle routes. But any such a project should have been done in an inclusive and consultative way, working with local residents and businesses, not imposing it on them!


Shops in Palmers Green and Winchmore Hill, already struggling with local business rates and other pressures, have been absolutely hammered by blocked entrances and huge transport disruption. The Labour Council could hardly have done more damage if they'd deliberately tried to strangle the High Street! Moreover, the design of new bus stops halts all traffic on busy Green Lanes every time a bus needs to stop – slowing traffic for everyone, both car drivers and bus passengers.


Labour must be held to account for their abject failure on this issue!


As for the Conservatives, we cannot escape the fact that, despite this being a local Council election, every vote cast for a Conservative candidate will be used by Theresa May and her incompetent Government as a show of support for their misguided and perilous Brexit strategy. I don't know about you, but I just can't bring myself to support a Tory Party that seeks to lead the United Kingdom off the Brexit cliff-edge – one might as well vote UKIP!


I am therefore standing as a candidate for the Liberal Democrats – a party which believes in working with local residents and businesses rather than imposing unwanted and expensive projects on them; and will stop at nothing to give you the final say on the Brexit deal, rather than letting it become a Tory stitch-up.


So, If you want to send a clear message to the Labour Council that their management of the cycle lanes scheme has been woefully inadequate, needlessly disruptive, and economically catastrophic – but, like me, can't bring yourself to support Theresa May's Brexit-obsessed and unforgivably incompetent Conservative Party – please use your votes on 3rd May to support the Liberal Democrats.

Enfield Liberal Democrats Manifesto

HARRY REDMOND (Independent)


I am standing in the local elections because I want to empower local people, to give you a real say in how your local areas are run and to give you a voice in the decisions made by the Council. I believe that local people aren't being listened to by those that are currently representing them, and that the solution is electing an Independent representative, who will listen to the residents who elected them, and only those residents.


Across the country, people are tiring of the same two parties, and I believe the situation is no different in Winchmore Hill. Both parties are so sure that they'll hold all the seats on the council that they aren't offering fresh solutions to the problems we face. Instead they are bickering with each other, showing how out of touch they are with local people's concerns. I want to find new and innovative solutions rather than attempting to continue the same political cycle that everyone has become fed up with.


I am offering a new way of doing politics, one in which the decisions don't come from the top down, but from the ground up. A system in which we can come together as a community and work together to find local solutions to local problems.


I have spent months on doorsteps across the ward listening to you, understanding what your priorities are and hearing how you want to see things change. Many people reading this have already told me their priorities, and I thank you again for doing so. Using this information, I have created my campaign commitments. I promise to continue listening to you and acting on your behalf if elected. I endeavour to continue to do this for my whole term.


Unlike parties who decide their priorities through their regional and national organisations, I have committed to do only what you, residents in the ward, have told me you want to see, giving you a Councillor who will represent your views directly.


On May 3rd you will choose three candidates to vote for. If you decide to vote for me, you will still be able to offer your two remaining votes to candidates in a political party of your choice. This means you can choose an Independent, local candidate while also being able to support the party that is closest to your views. This campaign has allowed me to meet so many of you and has shown me what a vibrant and positive community we have. I hope you will work with me to give our community the representation it deserves.

Thank you.

 Harry Redmond election leaflet

 LORICE STAINER (Liberal Democrats)

As a resident in the Borough for over 50 years and member of the Liberals/LiberalDemocrats for also as long, I am extremely passionate about their forward thinking and concern with every aspect of local life, especially education, health and housing. As an individual who has stood many a time in Enfield, I believe I can make a contribution by instilling 'common sense' and efficiency in the local political arena. It seems that intolerance and divisiveness have accelerated the issue of crime and dismantling communities and, thus, I believe that I can encourage individuals to have a voice and contribute positively to societal needs.

Enfield Liberal Democrats Manifesto





I have lived in Southgate with my wife Jackie and our children for over 15 years. I work as a campaigns manager for a national newspaper, where I am responsible for engaging with readers, trade unions and members of parliament. 


I have been involved with community groups all my life, including tenants associations, afterschool clubs and environmental organisations. 


My previous career as a head-hunter involved working across Europe, Africa, and hte Middle East, and I am passionate about representing all parts of our diverse community here in Enfield. I have worked for several newspapers and journals on local and international issues. I enjoy reading, public speaking and most sports. In 2010 I completed the Etape du Tour - a mountain stage of the Tour de France open to amateurs. 


If elected on 3 May, I hope to focus on local housing, social care, and reducing pollution, especially near schools. 

Winchmore Hill Labour Candidate Bios

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