The people say NO to Cycle Enfield proposals in David Burrowes' referendum

on Tuesday, 12 January 2016. Posted in N21 Community


David Burrowes MP has announced the results of his referendum on the A105 cycle lane proposals on the Triangle in Palmers Green and the results were conclusive – 75% of people who responded are against the current plans.





David Burrowes sent out a referendum pack, including statements both for and against the scheme to 17,000 homes in his Enfield Southgate constituency, in the Grange, Winchmore Hill, Palmers Green and Southgate Green wards, in the run up to Christmas. This was done in response to concerns from many local residents that the 'official' Cycle Enfield consultation was not designed to capture the responses of the people most affected by the proposals – those living in close proximity to Green Lanes.


Responses from 2,828 households were recorded, a significantly higher numbe rof people than had participated in the Cycle Enfield consultation, despite there only being a two week window in which to respond, compared with a period of months with the official consultation. Only cards which were signed, had addresses and were listed on the electoral register were counted, making this a much fairer representation of local sentiment than the Cycle Enfield consultation, in which anyone, anywhere in the world could participate!


The results were as follows:

Total no of people who replied (with and without full addresses) 2828 = 16.64% of 17,000

Total no of people who replied with full addresses on Enfield Southgate's electoral roll - 2609 = 15.35% of 17,000


Do you support the overall proposals for the A105 cycle lanes scheme?

"Yes" - 462 = 17.71%

"No" - 1973 = 75.62%

"Partially support" - 155 = 5.94%

"Don't know" - 13 = 0.5%

Additionally, cards were delivered to businesses along the A105 and the results from the businesses (not customers) are:

Totals No of cards returned – 232


Do you support the overall proposals for the A105 cycle lanes scheme?

"Yes" - 5 = 2.15%

"No" - 222 = 95.68%

"Partially support" - 5 = 2.15%

"Don't know" - 0 = 0.0%


The returned cards are all available by appointment in David Burrowes MP's office for checking. 


David Burrowes writes on his website:

"All the above has been achieved by just one letter drop in December through people's doors. There have been no exhibitions and adverts on buses, no glossy leaflets, no adverts in the local papers, and no reminders or consultants which the Council undertook to promote the consultation. The Council sent out 60,000 leaflets across the borough and directed people to an online consultation which resulted in 1,646 responses from Enfield and non-Enfield residents to its consultation – a response of just 2.74%. The Mayor's Cycling Commissioner Andrew Gilligan said it was an "unprecedented" response and that "they must listen to the majority". David Burrowes' referendum received 2828 responses from just his constituents of which 3 out of 4 are against the cycle lane plan for the A105."



David Burrowes writes:


"I will be meeting with Boris this week and will be telling him that the majority of my constituents need to be listened to. This significant scheme needs broad support from residents and businesses and it is clear that the Council has not got it. 75% of my constituents have said no to Cycle Enfield along the A105. The numbers opposing the plan greatly exceed the total number that responded to the Council's consultation. Many have said that they are not against a scheme to encourage more cycling in Enfield but they are against the current plan. So my advice to Boris is simply this: Let Enfield Council go back to the drawing board or the money should go back to the Mayor."

Cycle Enfield were due to present revised plans at the Western Enfield Partnership Board on January 21st. However, in the light of these figures and the fact that the environmental, economic and the equalities assessments have yet to be completed, it is difficult to see how Enfield Council can proceed with this scheme at this moment in time.


As David Burrowes has stressed, many of the people who participated in his referendum wanted it be known that they are not against cycling, but are not convinced that this scheme iwill fulfil its twin objectives of getting more people to switch from cars to bike for short journeys and revitalise our local high streets.


More than £1m has been spent on this Cycle Enfield project so far. Will Enfield Council finally listen to their residents or will it be for the courts to decide?

The results of David Burrowes 'referendum' on the A105 (Green Lanes) cycle scheme are announced and it is a resounding NO to the proposals

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  • Basil Clarke

    Basil Clarke

    12 January 2016 at 16:29 |
    Did David Burrowes not learn arithmetic at school? 1,973 divided by 17,000 is 12 per cent, but he claims that 75% were against. How on earth does he know what the vast majority of people think, as they didn't respond? And what about the very large number of people who never had a chance to vote, ie people living in homes with more than one adult? Or have we gone back to the 19th Century, before the Reform Acts, when only "householders" got a vote? This "referendum" has absolutely zero validity.


    • Near Green lanes resident

      Near Green lanes resident

      25 January 2016 at 17:12 |
      Perhaps Basil would like MP David to send referendem packs to more than 17000 resedents and get an even bigger NOOO!!! Boom boom!


  • amusungu


    13 January 2016 at 09:40 |
    Our high street businesses operate in a fragile economy having to compete with retail parks and online sales. I think that our councillors have short memories because it was not too long ago that the LBE was putting up brightly coloured posters over the windows of empty shops to make our town centres look less desolate. Introduce the present mini-holland scheme and they will need to order far more posters.


  • Green Lanes Resident

    Green Lanes Resident

    18 January 2016 at 21:43 |
    Basil Clarke's dismissal of the opinions the 2609, verified Enfield residents, who participated in David Burrowes consultation promoted me to look at the Council's published analysis of it's consultation. Let's look at actual figures, 1646 responses were received of which 1386 had an Enfield post code a difference of 260 replies. The differences in the responses is telling
    Support the scheme 51% of 1646 ( all replies) = 839
    Support the scheme 45% of 1386 (residents) = 623

    Against the scheme 39% of 1646 = 642
    Against the scheme 44% of 1386 = 610

    Partial support 9% of 1646 = 148
    Partial support 9% of 1386 = 125

    Don't know 1% of 1646 = 17
    Don't know 2% of 1386 = 28

    260 replies did not declare an Enfield post code, of which 216 supported the scheme (why does that not surprise me).
    The council sent out 14000 letters, which may have prompted only 623 supportive replies or 4.45%. Enfield cannot claim support for Cycle Lanes along Green Lanes and it's creative use of including the 9% who partially support the scheme show how desperate it is.


    • Near Green lanes resident

      Near Green lanes resident

      25 January 2016 at 10:30 |
      We have cycled in Vancouver City. Their cyclepaths are mostly round Stanly and false creek, the dykes and the new sea wall. Bikes are not usualy found in dangerous parts. Also it is an offence there to jaywalk in the road. They only cross at the designated places and in a correct and disciplined manor. Lovely i'n'it! Here cyclepaths could be along new river and river thames path etc with liks to shops. Lovely won'it be! A105 is much too narrow already. We all know what happens when only one lane is closed on the A406 or M25. Chaos i'n'it? Please let's not do this to the A105!! Finally, does anyone remember the green cross code, or am I old fashioned and should have man with a red flag walking [or standing] in front our cars and vans?


  • Near Green Lanes resident

    Near Green Lanes resident

    25 January 2016 at 18:39 |
    We have cycled Vancouver City. There cycle paths are mostly round Stanley and false Creek, the dykes and the new sea wall. Bikes are not usually found in dangerous. Also it is an offence there to J walk in the road. They only Cross at designated places and in a correct and disciplined manner. Lovely init! Here, cycle paths could be along the new river and River Thames Path etc with links to shops. Lovely wun'it be. Aa105 is much too narrow already. We all know what happens when one Lane is closed on the A406 or M25. Chaos init. Please let's not do this to the a105! Finally, does anyone remember the Green Cross Code or am I old fashioned and should have a man with a red flag walking (or standing) in front of our cars and vans?


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