The Green Lanes Consultation has closed - what next?

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The Cycle Enfield Consultation on the Green Lanes cycle lanes has now closed.  It is believed that hundreds of local people have objected to having a cycle lane 'sold' to them.



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A Freedom of Information request has been submitted to Enfield Council (19/10/15) asking the following questions:

1. the number of online submissions received in response to the A105 (Green Lanes) consultation

2. The number of paper questionnaires submitted to the A105 (Green Lanes) consultation


3. The number of other items (letters, emails, postcards) that were received by Councillors and Officers in connection with the A105 consultation.


4. Will emails, letters and postcards sent to officers & councillors be reported as part of the inputs to the consultation process?


5. How will these various formats (questionnaires, emails, letters and postcards) be analysed and reported?


6. What weighting will be given to the views of residents and businesses who live and work either on or in close proximity to Green Lanes?




In the leaflet we were told:





Yet there has been NO economic risk assessment on the real impact for local businesses. Many will lose convenient on-street parking, find that deliveries can no longer park outside their premises. Their customers will often find it harder to reach them, without on-street parking (especailly important for larger items and for people who are rushed or have mobility issues. 


What evidence is there that this scheme will "encourage more people to shop locally, bringing benefits to the local economy which will be good for local jobs?

According to Enfield Council, 25% of jobs across the whole borough are on high streets. Shops & other high street businesses must be easily accessible.



Cycle Enfield cannot provide a more detailed breakdown on the nature of these journies made by car, although Boris Johnson's Vision for Cycling states that the main reasons for people using cars are for 'practical and cultural reasons'. 


TfL's own figures show that the majority of London cyclists are men (over 90%) and the main use of their bikes is for commuting. They tend to have high education qualifications and earn more thn average. Almost certainly, many of not most will own a car, which they will continue to use for practical reasons.


TfL's figures also show that most of the increase in cycle use has come from public transport journeys NOT from car. Cyclists are commuting into town by bike rather than by bus or train.


There has been no detailed traffic modelling to determine the level of congestion that will result on Green Lanes and along other local routes and residential streets.



Nobody is disputing that cycling is a great way to keep fit and the new cycle initiatives such as cycling training and cycle loans are a great idea. Yet would anyone take a family cycling along a heavily congested arterial road? Surely leisure cyclists are better off on the new cycle paths being created through Firs Farm Park and Cheney Walk Open Space?


Of course we want to improve our high streets and our built environment, yet there has been no regard been paid to the needs of any groups other than cyclists; in particular older people, people with limited mobility and the disabled. Under the current proposals Dial-A-Ride won't be able to park along most of Green Lanes, yet there are currently hundreds of stops a month.

TfL aims to make all bus stops mobility friendly by the end of 2016. Yet it is proposed to locate most of the Green Lanes bus stops on islands, accessed across cycle lanes. Wheel chair users, mums with push chairs & toddlers, as well as school children will have to negotiate the cycle lanes to board or get off a bus. Does this make sense?


 Despite circa £2m being spent on Cycle Enfield is this scheme really going to get more people in our area on our bikes?





This open letter from a local resident who lives in Radcliffe Road sums up the public response to the cycle lane scheme and proposals


Here are other documents you might like to read to get a better understanding of 'what the fuss is all about'









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