The Sidings celebrates its first birthday

on Friday, 27 November 2015. Posted in N21 Community






The Sidings is celebrating its first year anniversary and I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all the local residents that have repeatedly supported our Sunday market through the good and bad weather over this first year. I think the majority of people that have taken the time to visit the market have really enjoyed the vibe and different unusual foods available as well as sitting down and meeting other local residents and listening to some relaxing live music whilst having a coffee, a piece of cake or even a hot dog.


During the year we have had all sorts of fantastic traders sell their products at our market and of course our regular traders that are the back bone of the market and have built up a real loyal local customer base which is a testament to the quality produce that they are supplying so I would like to thank them as well.







What Next?


I think the Sidings on Sunday has proved to be a great addition to the Winchmore hill area and I would like to think that in the future we can expand on our Sunday success and organise several other days from the Sidings. However at the moment we are still awaiting planning permission from Enfield council to keep the market going despite the over whelming support by the local residents and although we are confident that given the trouble free year we have had that we will eventually be granted planning permission we are still waiting for the final go ahead.


So once we get the planning permission we desire we hope to use the Sidings for other events on Saturdays and occasionally on a mid-week day such as craft fairs, art exhibitions, antique fairs, street food days and many other events all which will hopefully be as successful as our current Sunday farmers market and enhance our beautiful village.


Thanks again for all your support our market is nothing without you and we look forward to seeing you Sunday.


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Graham Hill, founder of The Sidings wishes to thank the residents of N21 for their support on The Sidings's first birthday

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