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The Fox Lane LTN consultion has closed.

Enfield Council was given an undertalking that

the LTN trial will be evaluated based on:

* Residents' views on how the benefits of the project compare against the disbenefits


* Data on the volume of motor vehicle movements in the area


* Data on the speed of motor vehicles in the area


* Impacts on the primary roads surrounding the area


* Bus journey time considerations through discussion with Transport for London


* Outcomes of ongoing dialogue with the emergency services.


Cllr Maria Alexandrou:

The chaos caused by the LTN scheme


Winchmore Hill councillor Dinah Barry

explains that LTNs are:

 "a bit more complicated than blocking off a few roads"



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How can this be acceptable?

 "Is the lack of consultation part of the problem?"

asks Bambos Charalambous in Parliament?"


"Has not that been caused by the Government's insistence that the schemes be implemented straightaway within an eight-week period, not allowing any consultation with communities or very limited consultation at best?"





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Pounds: An open letter to Chris Bond regarding Mini Holland proposals

on Friday, 26 September 2014. Posted in N21 Community

Cllr Chris Bond,

Cabinet Member for Environment

Civic Centre

Silver Street


EN1 3XA                                                                                                                                     25/09/2014


Dear Councillor Bond,

Reference: Mini Holland Proposals – cycle lane introduced in Green Lanes from Enfield to Palmers Green Library. Removal of car parking and bus lanes along this part of Green Lanes.


My family cycle and I acknowledge it is difficult to cycle along Green Lanes with a 6 and an 8 year old. The solution is that we cycle elsewhere - where it is less busy. Green Lanes is a major road into London, flanked by High Street shops, which the community needs to function.


Take the parking and bus routes away, substitute them with cycling lanes and the independent retailers along the high street will decline. This will inevitably result in a 'doughnut effect' where the town / high street areas are empty and people are forced to go to the retail parks which offer plentiful parking. Only the big businesses can afford to be located on the retail parks and there would be a loss of individual, independent high street retailers in favour of generic mass market big companies.


Our company, Pounds - started by my Grandfather, has traded for close to 70 years. We successfully re-located from Ponders End to Winchmore Hill six years ago with the incentive of free, easy parking for our customers. We offer fast, efficient and friendly service, retailing large kitchen appliances, household furniture and TV/audio equipment. It is not feasible to collect / deliver these heavy goods by bicycle.



Parking is essential to our business. Removal of parking would have a devastating effect on our trade.


As a Winchmore Hill resident and as a local business owner, I strongly oppose the introduction of the Mini Holland scheme along Green Lanes and ask to be updated of any relevant meetings concerning the Mini Holland scheme.

I look forward to your response to my letter.


Yours sincerely

Maxine Spencer

Pounds Electrical & Furniture Shop

The London Home Cinema Company

870-878 Green Lanes, Winchmore Hill, London N21 2RS

Maxine Spencer explains to Cllr Chris Bond how Mini Holland could destroy their family business.

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