Plugging in the car at Sainsbury's

on Monday, 10 May 2010. Posted in N21 Community

Have you noticed the electric vehicle charging points which have been installed in Sainsbury’s car park? 

At the moment they are only being made available for Sainsbury’s own delivery vehicles. Currently Sainsbury's home delivery vans run on diesel, although the new electrical fleet is due to take over in June.

When can expect that recharging points will shortly become available for the use of Sainsbury’s customers? No date has been fixed yet according to Sainsbury's. Customer car recharging
is already available at 11 Sainsbury’s stores across London, although our nearest Sainsbury’s charging point is the Islington store. It is a free service and to quote Sainsbury's commercial director "This will turn London into an electric vehicle super-highway. Electric vehicles create less noise and help keep the city's air clean."

Currently there are only around 5,000 electric cars in the UK, and Sainsbury’s Environmental Affairs manager Jack Cunningham has said that the aim of the initiative was to cater for existing customers known to use electric cars, rather than attract more business from environmentally-friendly shoppers; “We believe longer term that this kind of technology is going to be very important, so it's important for us to start providing it at this early stage."

So do we have any electric cars in N21?

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Have you noticed the electric vehicle charging points which have been installed in Sainsbury's car park?

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