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Winchmore Hill rejects Quieter Neighbourhood proposals so Enfield Council 'reconsults'

on Tuesday, 27 February 2018. Posted in N21 Community

Remember the Fernleigh Road Quieter Neighbourhood Consultation last November?

Did you ever wonder why the results were never published?


The answer - because the proposals were resoundingly rejected by Winchmore Hill residents.


The responses to the Fernleigh Road Quieter Neighbourhood consulted were obtained under a Freedom of Information request.

You can read the consultation responses by downloading this excel file. Of the 427 recorded responses, 86% were against the proposals.


Fernleigh Road Quieter Neighbourhood Consultation Results 2017


  • Many residents wrote detailed responses. If you scroll through the comments you will see that a large number argue that most of the traffic problems that have beset Winchmore Hill over the past year are of the Council's own making. The extra traffic on the parallel routes and residential roads is a direct result of the congestion that has been caused by the cycle lanes and the new signalised junctions.


  • Few people objected to the area becoming a 20 mph zone; however, many people stated in the consultation that 20 mph speed restrictions on Hoppers Road hasn't worked, people accelerate and brake between the speed cushions.


  • Residents living on Fernleigh Road and Woodberry Avenue vehemently opposed the proposed loss of parking spaces, especially as the loss of parking on Green Lanes, is already putting additional pressure on these roads.


  • People living across a wider area expressed anger that cutting off roads between Green Lanes with Hoppers Road and Ringwood Way will force many people into driving even further to get to their destination. Are the traffic planners not aware that the Sainsburys on Green Lanes is the biggest supermarket in the area?


  • Whilst Ringwood Way is a congestion problem, especially around St Paul's School, the congestion problems will get worse and become more stressful if parents are unable to access the school. Perhaps none of them are working parents who drop their children off and dash off to work? As a selecrive faith school, St Paul's has a relatively wide catchment area, not everyone lives in easy walking distance to the school.


  • There is a feeling that Enfield Council are just spreading the problem they have created further and pitting neighbours of streets against each other. If yo stop traffic using one street, another route will have to take more traffic.


  • Finally, a view shared by many is that the A105 cycle lane scheme has been an absolute disaster and the simplest (and cheapest) solution would be to take out the new traffic lights which are stopping the flow of traffic and urgently review just how dangerous and congested the road has become.


However, why would Enfield Council let a little matter that around 90% of the people who took part in their consultation rejected the proposals, slow them down?  

Traffic Managment orders (TMOs) were published in the Enfield Independent (21/2/18, as required by law.  Listed in the Traffic Order are several additional measures that were not included in the scheme shown in the drawings which formed part of the informal consultation - They are a 20mph zone plus two speed humps and a set of three speed cushions in Radcliffe Road, a speed hump and a set of three speed cushions in Compton Road. You can read the Traffic Management Order via this link


In summary the following measures are being proposed.

* Make all the following roads 20 mph

* Make Meadowcroft Way (between Green Lanes & Avondale Road) one way for all motor vehicles, from SW to NW

* Make Eaton Park Road (between Green Lanes and Avondale Road) one way for all motor vehicles, from NW to SE

* Introduce No entry restrictions (except pedal cycles) Woodside Court, Stonard Road

* Introduce a part-time banned left turn (except pedal cycles) on Station Road with the Radcliffe Road and Ringwood Way from Monday - Friday between 7.30am - 9.30am and 5pm - 7pm.

* Introduce a compulsory left turn in Avondale Road and the junction with Stonard Road

* Introduce a new "at any time" waiting restrictions in parts of Arundel Gardens, Fernleigh Road and Haselmere Road, mainly around the junctions of these streets.

* Install speed bumps on Fernleigh Road, Radcliffe Road and Woodberry Avenue,

* Install speed cushions on Fernleigh Road, Radcliffe Road and Compton Road.


Objections to these proposed traffic orders can be made in writing,

stating the grounds of the objection to:

David B. Taylor, Head of Traffic and Transportation,

Civic Centre, Silver Street, Enfield, Middlesex EN1 3XD

Quote Reference: TG52/1368

email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Closing date is 14th March 2018.



End of story?

No, it looks like Enfield Council has got cold feet, as suddenly Quieter Neighbourhoods Consultation Mark 2, was launched; with a closing date of 18th March.


Here is the introduction to the consultation


It is not known how many leaflets have been distributed for this new consultation, or which roads are being 'consulted'. The text above suggests that coverage may be minimal, despite the fact that these proposed changes will have ramifications across the whole area. 

What has changed from the first consultation?

The installation of planters in Fernleigh Road and Woodberry Avenue which would have resulted in the loss of around 22 parking spaces have been dropped. Instead speed humps are to be installed. 

The 20 mph zone has been extended to include Compton Road and Radcliffe Road.

Meadowcroft Road and Eaton Park Road are to become one way streets, as in the previous consultation.

The banned left turn into Ringwood Way and Radcliffe Road between 7.30 am - 9.30 and 5 pm - 7 pm are being retained.

Road narrowing along Fernleigh Road, Hazelmere Road, Hurst Road and Orpington Road, as in the previous consultation

So overall, very little has changed. So why the second consultation when many of these changes have already been rejected by hundreds of local people?

Almost certainly consultation fatigue will set in. Fewer people will tak part; fewer objections so the Quieter Neighbourhood schme can go ahead!

Half of the 172 responses from residents of Woodberry Avenue and Fernleigh Road said that they did not want either speed humps or road narrowings to be installed in their roads - is Mr Taylor proposing to ignore this?

Assurances must be obtained from David Taylor, Head of Traffic and Transportation that the comments already gathered from residents WILL NOT BE IGNORED

This new consultation closes on 18 March 2018


Why have a second consultation when the proposals are only very slightly different from the first?

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