How Winchmore HIll can use less plastic

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I am Claire Hill. I have helped to set up 'Winch More Plastic Less'. I am trying to help N21 reduce our use of plastic and in particular single use plastic. You may by now have seen some of our posters around N21.





The local survey we undertook earlier in the year showed that 82% of us who live in Winchmore |Hill are very concerned about plastic in the environment so I hope you will find the following useful. Please follow me on Instagram at #goplasticless or get in touch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more


Here are some tips on how we can all reduce our use of plastic

Take a reusable bag for all shopping trips including those quick visits to our local shops.


Invest in a pure stainless steel (without an aluminium lining) flask for water. It will keep your water nice and cool all day.


Buy a bamboo toothbrush. When you need to change it the old one can go directly into your green waste bin. I can recommend and prefer the medium to firm bristles as the bristles on natural toothbrushes are generally a bit softer. This company also sell biodegradeable floss and toothpaste in glass jars.


Look into investing into a 'Keep Cup' or similar. You can keep this or a flask in your bag and ask the coffee shop you visit to pour your drink into it. Most coffee shop chains offer a discount for this. Pret A Manger offer a 50p discount for bring your own cup. A siginificant saving!


Stop buying water in plastic bottles.


Look into doorstep milk deliveries. I now get our families organic milk delivered to the door 3 times a week by Micheal Miles Dairy 07572 638 750.


Research into a veg box delivery or source fruit and veg from our local farmers market. Most of us feel frustrated at how much packaging we bring home from the supermarket. Remember that we are sending a message about what we want every time we spend our money.


If you buy fruit and veg in the supermarket try to buy it loose without the packaging.


Take a resuable pot or dish to Peatchey butchers for your purchases to be carried home in. Ask other businesses that you visit if they would agree to do the same.


Before purchasing think how has this been made and how will it be disposed of when I am finished with it!


Watch out for my blog in September when I will put together some information about recycling.



Let's make London N21 a plastic free postcode

N21 resident Claire Hill is on a mission, why less is more for Winchmore Hill

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