How fast is your broadband connection in N21?

on Tuesday, 19 September 2017. Posted in N21 Community

Local resident David Haywood has been lobbying Openreach about the slow speed of his internet connection for several years. 


Is this a problem that you have suffered?


Anecdotally , it seems that there is a local problem, certainly for BT customers. BT Infinity is not yet available in N21, although it is offered in some other parts of the borough.


You can test your broadband speed regardless of your internet provider:

Here is the national average


And the speed from this N21 postcode, less than 0.5 miles from the exchange


Your last test (2017-09-19 11:40:17) 7.84Mb download speed

0.85Mb upload speed


Well below the national average.


On 19.9.17 Mr Haywood wrote the following letter to  Bambos Charalambous MP


Dear Bambos Charalambous,

Could you please help me with this issue.

I live in Wades Hill and my post code is N21 xxxx, There is no fibre broadband connection available to my immediate area, and I need to upgrade my internet speed.


An internet search confirms the lack of fibre connection, but there is no target date for its installation. I have been chasing Openreach for years but can get nowhere. It makes a mockery of the recent claims by BT that the London Borough of Enfield has one of the fastest internet speeds in the country.


It is ridiculous that when rural areas complain about lack of connectivity, they quickly become the centre of activity and money is thrown at them. In the meantime, concentrated urban areas like N21 are ignored. As I understand it, the procedure is to make the connection by upgrading one of the telephone green boxes in the street, but those near my home have not been touched.

Could you please chase this up with Openreach to find out when this area will be connected. Admittedly, there is a Virgin cable available in Wades Hill that could give me a faster connection, but I would prefer a BT fibre connection which gives me a good choice of potential broadband suppliers, rather than rely on just one.



David Haywood


If you would like our MP to take up this issue on your behalf you can submit your letter via


Are you happy with the broadband speed you are receiving in N21?

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