46 Eversley Park Road - family home to three storey flats?

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46 Eversley Park Road London N21 1JS

 Redevelopment of site and erection of a part single, part 2, part 3-storey block of 5 self-contained flats (3 x 2-bed, 2 x 3-bed) with associated car parking and landscaping.

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Under planning application 18/01530/FUL, developers want to knock down a small family home and build a three-storey block of flats.

We, the local residents are objecting to this because:

The proposed block is in an urban, office-block style that is not in keeping with this local, suburban, residential area which was built up in the 1930s.





The developers plan to cut down all the trees currently surrounding the property, significantly cut back the ash tree within the property grounds (the tree is subject to a preservation order) and pull down the cypress tree in the neighbouring property. Not only is this environmentally unsound, it would ruin the green, leafy, suburban character of Eversley Mount and Eversley Park Road. See picture 03, attached, of the greenery that would be destroyed.


There would be too much pressure on amenities. We already have problems with too many cars parking on the streets. The developers only plan a small number of parking spaces for the flats. The overspill would exacerbate and existing problem.The block would accommodate many people, but there would only be six parking spaces. This will create on-street parking congestion.


The flats are in the catchment areas for local primary schools. If you have young children, you will be competing for school places with families who will move into the flats on a short-term basis solely to be in the catchment areas for these schools.


The full planning application submitted by the developers is full of unfounded, subjective claims that the development will benefit the community and the area. These are not true. These claims are an attempt to mask the reality that this is simply a commercial enterprise designed to maximise income by building as many flats as possible on the plot of one small, family home. Commerce is fine. But not when it is at the cost of the character and appearance of this area and the wellbeing of our community.


If you believe, like us that this development is inapproporate please submit an objection to the proposals. Also please contact Winchmore Hill councillors to express your concerns. Their contact details are here 


Contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Residents are objecting to a planning application to convert 46 Eversley Park Road into a three storey apartment block.

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