Campaign to Stop Bush Hill Telecoms Mast

on Monday, 11 January 2016. Posted in N21 Community


A week before Christmas residents living along the eastern end of Grange Park Avenue, Park Drive, Devonshire Drive and Green Dragon Lane received a letter from Telefonica/Vodaphone about proposals to install a 17 m high mast on the bank of the New River, at the lower end of Bush Hill. A classic case of burying bad news?





It is believed that the mast is being moved from its current location further down Green Lanes, on Carpenter Gardens, (near the pumping station) as this plot has been sold to a developer. The current mast is near fewer residential properties. Whereas the proposed new site would be in close proximity to two children's nurseries on Green Dragon Lane.




Whilst these masts have got to go somewhere, many of the residents living in close proximity to the proposed site are alarmed that this tranquil spot is about to be blighted by this unsightly monstrosity.


The drawings show that the mast and the ancillary cabinets suggest that these proposals will be a blot on the landscape, regardless of any possible health hazards of locating the mast close to two children's nurseries. You can view the drawings by clicking on the image below




There is an 'official' consultation process and David Burrowes and Grange ward councillors have been made aware of the proposals.


However, residents are already forming a campaign group and an online petition has just been launched, Stop Telefónica from moving a 17.5m radio base station to Bush Hill

You can sign the petition here


If you google 'campaigns against telecom masts' you will find that it is possible to stop the mast being built. If would like to get involved in this campaign contact Julian Brooks via email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Is this pristine stretch of the New River the right spot to locate a mobile phone mast?

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  • Near Green lanes resident

    Near Green lanes resident

    25 January 2016 at 17:43 |
    If the developer [who like us all wants a good mobile signal] bought the plot with the mast, then why does he not incorperate this great advantage to all, in his proposed development? Simple init!


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