Boris agrees to halt approval of Green Lanes cycle scheme following David Burrowes' referendum

on Tuesday, 19 January 2016. Posted in N21 Community




David Burrowes MP has welcomed Mayor Boris Johnson's decision to halt the 'Cycle Enfield' scheme's formal approval process for 2 months pending "more intensively and extensively engaging with residents and businesses".


The meeting followed the decisive outcome to David Burrowes referendum of over 17000 households in his constituency, when 75% opposed the A105 cycle lane scheme. At a meeting between Mr Burrowes and Mr Johnson, the Mayor affirmed that it was the responsibility of the Council to come up with an acceptable scheme. It was also noted that broad community support was a basis of the original bid. The Mayor also affirmed his continued commitment to the principle of the cycle lane scheme and in its "potential to deliver transformational benefit to Enfield residents".


Following the meeting the Mayor wrote to David Burrowes MP and noted the "substantial concerns in Enfield with the scheme as currently proposed" and that "more discussion is crucial".


Following the meeting David Burrowes said: "Boris respected the views of my constituents from my referendum and my representations about the significant opposition to the A105 scheme. In his letter he recognised my "work in drawing attention to the issues both residents and businesses in the area are raising". Boris has in effect called for a 2 month halt to the Council's approval process to enable more engagement with my constituents to see if greater confidence and consent can be achieved for an A105 Cycle Enfield scheme. I welcome the Mayor listening and acting upon the concerns and opposition expressed in my recent referendum of the A105 Enfield Cycle scheme. I look forward to details of the engagement process with my constituents during the 2 month review. I also hope that the Council will respond more constructively than it has previously to my constituents concerns."


Read the letter from Boris Johnson here


Zac Goldsmith Conservative Candidate for Mayor added:

"With a rapidly growing population, increasing pressure on our roads and a serious air pollution problem across London, it's clear that we need to improve cycling provision to make it safer and more attractive. But it's important that communities are consulted and that their approval is sought for the big schemes, like Mini Holland. If communities are properly involved, I have no doubt these schemes will be more successful."

All planning on the Green Lanes cycle lanes is to stop for two months - read on

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