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NETWORK RAIL 7 years 2 weeks ago #5

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Network Rail were asked by David Burrowes to come back to Grange Park in December with revised replanting plans. Whilst the new twigs are growing, the trees are looking great, we want more. What do you think?
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They haven't stopped! 7 years 2 weeks ago #8

I gather that despite their CEO's apparent promises to David Burrowes, Network Rail have carried on chopping down trees around the country in exactly the same devious manner. Whitstable and Oxford being clear examples.
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Re: They haven't stopped! 7 years 1 week ago #31

  • helen
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Network Rail have been doing similar 'vegetation clearance' in Whitstable,Grange Park is this familiar?

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Re: NETWORK RAIL 7 years 4 days ago #37

The Whitstable protesters have managed to delay Network Rail's restaring their destruction until May 28th - the 4th delay!

You can keep up-to-date with developments in Whitstable HERE
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Re: NETWORK RAIL 7 years 1 day ago #40

Dear Grange Park residents, I would like to share with you my response (below) to Jana Sparks, Network Rail's Senior Public Affairs Manager, who replied to Transport Minister, Norman Baker MP, after he wrote to Network Rail on behalf of the residents in Whistable. I believe her response to the Minister was wholly inadequate, so does Cllr James Flanagan, who contacted Norman Baker in the first instance. Cllr Flanagan wrote to Jana Sparks a week ago, on Sunday 13th May. He is still waiting for a reply.

From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Subject: Whitstable Clearance - Your response to Transport Minister, Norman Baker MP 11th May 2012
Date: Sat, 19 May 2012 00:01:57 +0000

Dear Ms Sparks,

With regard to Network Rail's proposed tree clearance works in Whitstable, I have read very carefully your response to the Transport Minister, Norman Baker MP, and would draw your attention to the following:

The proposed start date of work is May 28th, within the bird breeding season. The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 makes it an offence to:

a. kill, injure or take any wild bird.
b. take, damage or destroy the nest of any wild bird while that nest is in use or being built.
c. take or destroy an egg of any wild bird.

With regard to the above, I duly note your comment: "Whenever nesting birds are discovered in areas we are managing, the affected trees are left and an exclusion zone placed around them so they are not disturbed."

I have already forwarded to you the views of RSPB Area Manager, Alan Johnson, regarding this statement, but I quote these again now:

"I don’t think I have ever come across such a cavalier approach to environmental assessment!

FYI – it would be practically impossible to assess the area in question and not come to the conclusion that breeding birds are present and widespread. It would also be extremely difficult to rule out breeding presence in the majority of the trees and shrubs, due to the difficulty of locating the nests of species such as blackcap, wren, dunnock etc."

Alan Johnson (RSPB Area Manager)"

I am sure you are aware that the RSPB is closely monitoring the situation in Whitstable on the Cromwell Road embankment due to their concerns about the high risk to breeding birds if tree/vegetation clearance work continues at this time. Alan Johnson, visited the area on 9th May and corroborated the findings of an existing field survey from which I quote:

"Unless birds are large and/or colonial (eg rooks,) nests are extremely well hidden and difficult to find. Proving birds are nesting by finding their nests in this kind of habitat is totally impractical.

Surveying techniques require the following evidence as proof of nesting;

1. Singing birds over a sustained period between March and May.

2. Birds carrying nesting material

3. Adult birds carrying food.

4. Juveniles seen after fledging and before dispersal

The following numbers are based upon these forms of evidence and include 3 Red-list species (ie populations in serious decline.)

Any major disturbance near nests at this time of year will usually lead to desertion whether or not a 2m exclusion zone is left."

I have today spoken to the local Wildlife Crimes Officer, PC Michael Laidlow, who is standing by to monitor any damage to birds and nests should Network Rail continue with what is clearly a high risk strategy.

Considering the debacle of Network Rail's failure to give adequate notification of works on 3 occasions within the past 4 weeks (April 15th - unsigned, undated letters put through the doors of selected residents only 24 hours before work commenced), a further date of May 16th announced by John Burrows at a public meeting although no letters were subsequently received by residents, and none received either for the date of 21st May within the 10 day notice period residents had been promised, I can only wonder what damage will be done to wildlife should the work be allowed to commence on the new date of 28th May.

I would suggest that you write again to the Transport Minister and offer him a proper response. Furthermore, in the light of increasing protests in Whitstable on this matter, I would also suggest that Network Rail postpones this work, particularly since I am informed that no special license has been granted, or will be granted, for the company to undertake this work, at this time, as an emergency issue relating to public safety. The clearance work has already been deferred for a month, (since it's due start date in April,) and neither residents, nor wildlife agencies can see reason why it should not be postponed for a further few months until the bird breeding season is over in August.

I would appreciate a prompt response to this, and to my earlier two e-mails.

Julie Wassmer
(On behalf of Whitstable Residents)
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Re: NETWORK RAIL 6 years 11 months ago #42

  • aminapatel
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Thanks for posting info about Network Rail and its actions in Whitstable.
It is trying to push through work on an embankment along the Overground in Islington which will entail the destruction of the green corridor and the reprofiling of the embankment which could affect the foundations of houses.
How can a public body act with no regard to the impact on the environment?
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