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TOPIC: What are roads and streets for?

What are roads and streets for? 1 year 9 months ago #361

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Especially since the Council's success in securing Mini-Holland funds was announced, there has been a sharp focus in Winchmore Hill and areas to the north and south on what traffic is appropriate on particular types of streets/roads. But sometimes I wonder whether the majority of people have really thought about the fundamental fundamental features between, for example Woodcote Gardens, Moor Lane, Station Road and Green Lanes.

Why do I make that claim? Mainly because of the abuse of the function of the streets some residents put up with, and the way some drivers behave on those streets.
  • Woodcote Garden is a purely residential street; i.e. in design terms the carriage way was constructed only to give vehicular access for residents, visitors and tradespeople; people should not rat-run here (residents should have the greater say in its features);
  • Moor Lane is similar, but it could be used to reach a school so some very slow moving traffic is acceptable (residents and school should have the greater say in its features);
  • Station Road is also mainly residential but there are shops, a Post Office building and a heavy rail station - some access traffic is inevitable, but speed should be low (all stakeholders needs must be met or a compromise agreed), and
  • Green Lanes is a through road, ans was there before residential stretches along it were built, so traffic is its key function (the priorities here are spread: residents, shops, services, social space, drivers, public transport, cyclists and walkers

And why have I gone to these pedantic lengths to stress these functions and identify the stakeholders? Because the local MP: David Burrowes, is seeking to hold a referendum on the features of the road for various types of user of Green Lanes, but is confining it to residents and businesses. Which therefore excludes other users of the key and original function: traffic movement, cycling or walking, often by users who live outside borough, but a have a stake in its features. This is undemocratic, and worse, likely to affect all sorts of issues including traffic flow, congestion, air quality, safety for the various categories of user, personal fitness, NHS costs.

Either the so-called referendum should be called off or a whole new approach adopted.
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