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My name is Zeleka Sutherland and I am the UK's only Farewell planner as the founder of Your White Room. I help families to fondly remember a day that most of us prefer to forget.


How? By organising beautifully simple to highly creative funeral receptions in memory of your loved one.


In the same way that a wedding planner works with a bride and groom to create a unique celebration of their love I work with the recently bereaved and terminally ill to create a unique celebration of life.


We help families to manage this highly stressful period following the death of a family member; to celebrate the life that they lived; creating new fond memories to cherish.


When a person dies, there are seemingly dozens of decisions to be made and people to contact; at a time when you are feeling very sad, confused and struggling to cope with all the conflicting demands. Your White Room offers a range of services to support you through this difficult time; enabling you to remember the person and share your memories with your family and friends.


How often do we hear that phrase "she had a good send off" in connection with a funeral? Funeral rites vary across the world and in different times, but are an important part of the grieving process, providing a sense of closure; valuing the person who has passed on.


When someone dies, families contact us directly or via one of a number of funeral directors we work with across North London. We will begin by meeting with you and your family, to understand what support you would like and how you wish to celebrate the life of your loved one. We can help you to draw up a plan, listing all the tasks to be done, to put you in control of the situation.


We can help you select or liaise with funeral directors.


A growing number of people are opting for more environmentally friendly funerals, we can explain what the options are in our local area.


We an organise flowers and set up charity donations in lieu of flowers. 


We can help you to arrange your funeral wake, helping to find a venue and or caterers.


If you wish to use your home for a wake, we can move furniture, erect marques, organise catering, as well as offering tea and sympathy.


We can organise accommodation, baby sitting, dog minding and other services for people travelling from a distance.


We can help you to celebrate the life of your loved one, through photographs, montages, video and favourite objects. 


We can even help you with all the practical stuff like such as contacting the dentist, the optician, any service suppliers and the Council and other people who need to be informed about your loved one's death.


Death and dying are still taboo subjects, yet dying is an important part of life - which should be celebrated.  In this short video you can watch me talking about my work in part of a BBC programme which discusses end of life.





Some people might find this morbid, but I also work with people in the latter stages of life to help them to plan how they are going to say goodbye to their friends and family. This an be an inspiring experience, full of laughs and smiles rather than tears.  Everyone has a story, one that begins at birth and lives on through family and friends long after we are gone. Let Your White Room turn your story into a page-turning tribute which will live on in the hearts of all who attend. You can give your loved ones the peace of mind that they are doing what you would have wanted. 


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