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 Hi my name is Lizzie and I am a brand new Slimming World consultant launching 21st July. I am offering a food plan that is so easy to get on with and a guaranteed weight loss. You can fill up on hundreds of free foods with no measuring or weighing and you will never go hungry!


I will be your support 52 weeks of the year at any time of day when you need me! With me you also get the amazing Winchmore Hill group who are fantastic. We will all make you feel welcome! I know how tough it is to lose weight, to walk through that door and admit to others that you want to lose weight. I have been there myself and lost 3 stone so far. I can assure you there is absolutely no judgement or humiliation at group!



 These are photos of me 'before' I joined Slimming World and the new me!

It was this photo that shocked me into taking control of my weight problem. When I saw it I cried!


I would not have been able to lose weight without Slimming World and the amazing group support.


I want to help everyone that has ever struggled with weight loss or wants a normal eating plan that they can stick to and that is incredibly easy!! We will get you to your dream weight.


In January 2013 I joined Slimming World, losing 10 pounds in my first 2 weeks. It took me 18 months to lose 3 stone including quite a few weeks off when I was on holiday, birthdays and other events. I have been able to maintain that loss and I am now back on plan to lose another 2 stone.


My confidence is finally back, From the time I was six I have always wanted to be on the stage. I may not have made it to the West End yet but I performed in a Legally Blonde production at the Wyllyotts theatre and other local productions.


The amazing thing about Slimming World is that it becomes a part of your life. You learn about the importance of foods and why we need them in our bodies. We talk about different recipes, how to make your favourite meal Slimming World friendly just by food optimising.


We all become the best of friends, we all know how the other is feeling when we have had that bad week, we're also the best people to turn that bad week around and plan for a good one! We become a family and it's a fun Thursday night out!


It is the perfect plan for everyone! Come along and join me every Thursday at 7pm. Old Grammarians' Rugby Club, 180, Green Dragon Lane, N21 1EP.

Call Lizzie – 07833 222 727



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  • Telephone: 07833 222 727
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