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Hi I'm Salvina, welcome to Olio Di Luigi, my family olive oil business, in Casteltermini, in Sicily. The olive grove was established by my late father Filippo Scibetta, more than thirty years ago and my brother Luigi and I are continuing what he started, producing Olio Di Luigi Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Our oil is deep golden in colour and flavour and 100% natural.




Around the month of November, family and friends congregate at our family olive grove to participate in the traditional method of harvesting. The olives are hand picked and carefully shaken so they drop off the branches into the nets below. The cascade of ripe fruit is then carefully put into crates and within hours transported to a nearby village stone press, known as a “frantoio/olificio”.




The first press creates the most distinctive olive flavour in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as it contains minimum bitterness, with no more than 0.8% acidity. It is therefore judged to be the most refined, superior and expensive grade of oil, and that’s what makes Olio di Luigi so special.


Whilst I now live in Bush Hill Park I am keen to introduce Olio Di Luigi to lovers of fine food in the local area.


You can order online, contact me directly and shortly I will be adding a list of retailers where you can buy Olio Di Luigi.


It’s nice isn’t it – to know something so tasty is good for you!

Chi mangia bene, vive bene!


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