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I'm Cristina Ruggiero, I hail from Italy but now love my new North London life, devoted to dogs. At the end of 2014 I opened Natural Look Dogs, offering a dog grooming, dog sitting and dog training services.


I trained in Italy as a veterinary surgeon and I am keen to help dog owners to improve the quality of their dogs' lives and build closer relationship with their pets, based on trust, respect and an appreciation of their natural behaviour.


Our philosophy is simple: a natural dog is a healthy dog.


Routine is important for your dog's mental and physical wellbeing. Dogs like to be fed at the same time every day; having their own place to sleep; his/her own possessions, regular exercise and regular grooming.


Dogs are pack animals, they are not happy being left alone for hours on end. They need to be with their 'human' pack. If it isn't possible for you to keep more than one dog, please give your dog time to interact in the park and socialise with other dogs.


Dog Grooming


Regular grooming improves the quality of the coat and tones the skin. We provide a comprehensive range of grooming services for your dog, at our grooming parlour on Green Lanes, including bathing, coat trimming, flea treatments, teeth cleaning, nail cutting, perianal gland pressing and de-worming.


We are pleased to advise our clients about feeding your dog and daily grooming and hygiene tips, including the correct way in which to bath your dog after a muddy walk. Brushing is advisable after a walk, to remove any ticks or other insects that your dog might have picked up, eliminate dirt and prevent tangles in the fur. It is also advisable to clean the genital areas, paws and nose of the dog with wipes. This is especially important if your dog sits with you on the bed or sofa because germs and parasites are transmitted through these areas. Your dog should be bathed at least once a month, ideally using a mild proprietary dog shampoo


Dog daycare


We are also able to provide a doggy daycare service. Whether you need us to look after your dog whilst you are at work, or from time to time, when you are unable to take your pet with you, please contact us and we can tell you about a typical day. All our 'guest' dogs are walked least twice a day and if the weather is good and time permits we will roam as far as Grovelands Park.


Here are some of our charges having fun in the park.



Puppy and dog training


Once you take on a new puppy, it is important to establish good routines from Day One, including introducing them to other dogs and a range of people, including children, to build confidence. We advise people to have your dog checked over by a Vet and introduce them to a groomer from an early age, so that your pet becomes confident about visiting their premises, which are full of strange smells and other animals.


We offer a one to one advice service and plan to start small dog training and dog first aid classes in a few months. If you would like to be notified when these start, please get in touch.


Over the next few months we will be building up our stock of products for dogs and their owners. We currently stock ranges of natural dog foods and will be looking for more products that we think our local customers will value.


We are also stocking these lovely dog coats, made by my friend Maria, perfect for when there is a nip in the air.



Meet our team

Roberta has spent her life around dogs and they naturally love her easy manner. She will care for your dog throughout the day.


Chicca is an experienced dog walker. She has a dog of her own and has years of experience caring for these animals.


Our opening hours are Monday to Friday, 9.00am - 4.30pm



  • Street: 770 Green Lanes, Winchmore Hill
  • Postcode: N21 3RE
  • City: London


  • Telephone: 020 8364 0306
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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