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Welcome to Muddy Mutleys, I'm Clare Grierson, Dog Trainer & Behaviour Specialist and Dog Carer. I have given up my former career in design to do what I have always wanted to and spend my life with dogs. I have named my dog care business after my own dog Mutley, who is happy to SHARE me with our doggy friends!


I help people and dogs to live in harmony, to have fun together and develop a SPECIAL bond. I am very proud to be a Fully Accredited Member of The Institute of Modern Dog Training, whose training ethos is based on positive reinforcement of good behaviour (more carrot than stick). I also hold an OCN qualification in dog training and behaviour, I have a Diploma in Canine Behaviour from the International Institute For Canine Psychology & Behaviour  and hold an IMDT First Aid course for dogs.


I was brought up in Grange Park and now live just up the road in Bush Hill Park, walking my charges in all our local parks and run dog training classes on Saturday afternoons Bury Lodge Park N9 9LA and now at Firs Farm Wetlands




My first pupil in Firs Farm Wetlands, who wasn't too bothered by the unrelenting drizzle! 




Classes will be held at Firs Farm every Monday bar bank holidays. Please cantact me for further details


Here is a summary of the services I provide:


Dog & Puppy Training


Puppy/Beginner Classes:3.30pm

We would always recommend that you undertake some training with a new puppy, to ensure that your new pet settles in, is happy and easy to manage. I offer a home visit when you first bring your puppy home as there are many training techniques you can start with straight away, giving your puppy a head start when at 12 weeks they join the group training. You may have owned dogs before but every dog is different and every dog goes through many different phases as they grow up. Training techniques have developed over the years and vary according to the temperament and history of the dog.


Puppies benefit hugely from the socialisation they gain through training with other dogs as well as experiencing many different environments, textures, sounds and smells, and other human beings. Our beginner's course covers techniques which are vital for your dog's health and wellbeing, covering obedience, recall, jumping up and loose lead walking. All useful and often common problems that you may encounter, in a fun and caring environment.


Adult Dog/Intermediate Classes: 11am, 12.30pm and 2pm

And yes you can teach an old dog new tricks! It is usually possible to change negative behaviour, reduce ANXIETY and help your dog to become more relaxed with people and other dogs. Our Intermediate Group is a great extension from the Puppy/Beginner Training reinforcing and developing the skills already acquired as well as exploring the wider world of techniques and opportunities for having fun with your dog that training offers, whilst working towards gaining the IMDT Partnership Grades.


Our classes are a chance to meet other local dog owners and swap stories! Children are very welcome, as training and understanding your dog is something for the whole family to share. 



Canine Calming (Dog Yoga)

Dog yoga workshops are a great way to bond with your dog whilst trying something new. It is fun, not pressured and if the dog decides to break, the dog takes a break


Dog yoga teaches dogs to take on and hold postures that are good for them mentally and physically, giving them a nice stretch, encouraging them to hold postures that are used for communication and negotiation and that help to promote calm. The more a dog practices a posture linked with being calm and happy, the more calm and happy the dog will feel.

Who Can benefit ....?


Everyone, you and your dog. You both learn to take time and to breathe and to enjoy being calm together. Many dogs suffer with really high arousal and find it difficult to settle and to switch off.  In this workshop we teach owners the best possible way to educate fizzy dogs and help them to learn more, along with teaching the dogs calm postures and new ways to help themselves get calm after excitement. Dog Yoga is about giving the dog a choice and enables us to work at the dog's pace.


In addition to the above classes, I offer one-2-one training, including:


Pre vaccination home visits

Once you bring your puppy home I visit to run through all the requirements new dog owners have giving advice on crate training, toilet training, play biting for example and answering any other puppy questions you may have. Many training techniques can be started straight away at home, for example, recall training giving your dog a fabulous head start and giving you constructive fun activities to do with your dog. Did you know that mental exercise can be as tiring if not more tiring for a dog than physical exercise.


Home behavioural consultations

Dogs do change and go through different phases in life, some dogs are effected by things that have happened in the past or by more recent experiences. If your dog is displaying a behaviour that is affecting your bond, call me. Dogs can be taught alternative behaviours and dogs can be helped to cope with stress. Don't struggle alone. Let me help you rebuild your relationship, or simply give you techniques to get the best out of your most important relationship

1-2-1 Training

This can be can be more suitable for some families and their dogs and can be used to concentrate on shaping or re-shaping a particular aspect of behaviour. This is particularly useful if the dog has patterns of behaviour which need to be modified, such as destroying anything within reach, or to encourage them in to coming back when they have spotted a squirrel!


Dog Walking and Companionship


If you are working it is often difficult to ensure that your dog has enough company and exercise. I walk dogs in groups and individually as per age and their requirement. Your dog will be collected from your home and taken to one of our fabulous local parks. No more than 4 dogs will be walked in a group session so that each individual can be given the attention they deserve. If you require solo dog walking this too is available. If I am confident that they have a good recall they get to socialise off lead, however, you can be assured that I never take any risks and have plenty of long lines should a dog require further training in coming back so they get the next best thing to safe freedom.


You can find details of my prices on my website here.


Doggy Day care and boarding

Whether you are away for a day or for a week or two, we can look after your dog in a loving caring family environment so that they don't miss you quite so much. We will SHARE our home with your pet and treat it like one of the family.



We will also visit your home to look after pets that are not so easily transportable or who don't need quite so much attention


On my website and facebook page you will find more information about my dogcare services, class booking forms as well as useful tips to help you to look after your dog. Please give me a call if you would like to discuss your special Mutley.


I am CRB checked and hold comprehensive insurance for dog training and dog care services.



  • Telephone: 07532 243153
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  • Fred


    18 May 2017 at 15:58 |
    What an amazing class! I brought my baby Dalmatian along initially out of curiosity after several family and friends recommending Clare's classes.
    During his first class he had great fun with Clare and her staff who are absolutely superb! He learnt new tricks, obedience and socialised with other dogs. I couldn't have asked for more in a puppy class and cannot wait to return the following weekend. Many thanks Muddy Mutleys!


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