Dogs4Life is a non profit organisation that was set up in 2011 by Paula Slyusarenko in response to the huge numbers of dogs currently on death row in local council pounds after being abandoned by their owners. Paula had been involved in dog homing for a number of years but wanted to do something official as the problem of abandoned dogs started to escalate.
Dogs4Life is run entirely by volunteers who also all have full time jobs. The small team work tirelessly to save dogs that would otherwise have been put to sleep and to find them foster carers until they move into permanent homes. The dogs are all advertised via Facebook where Dogs4Life has nearly 500 followers.
My ambition would be to finally be in a situation where there are few dogs to save. Just in my borough alone an average of 5 dogs are put to sleep every week. They are usually lovely, healthy friendly dogs who are less than two years of age. Their only fault is that they were unlucky enough to be owned by someone who saw them as a disposable item; fun for a while but then to be thrown away like an old TV once bored of. We save only a few of them and it breaks my heart that I cannot save more.
Whilst we have all breeds of dogs a lot of them are bull breeds. Sadly the media have destroyed the image of these dogs that used to be known as “Nanny Dogs” in the 80’s because they are so lovely with children. I think we did a great job of showing people how fabulous these dogs are at the recent N21 Dog Show organised by Village Vet. We took a gorgeous girl along who despite having sat in a kennel for nearly a year was a perfect angel with everyone she met. They are fabulous dogs and I work hard to home as many of these dogs as possible with responsible people. Many of them live with cats, children and all show perfectly that it is not breeds of dogs that are unpleasant, just breeds of people.
Unlike many charities we particularly like to home dogs to people who work and have no concerns about our dogs being left whilst their owners are at work. The most important thing is that the dogs are exercised sufficiently morning and night and then most are happy to sleep all day. We are also very happy to home dogs to people who have children, as long as the parents are sensible.
All of our dogs are vaccinated, neutered and micro chipped before homing. We are very grateful to Village Vet who provides fantastic veterinary care for our dogs as well as supporting our work generally.
Most importantly all of our dogs have fantastic temperaments. All they want is somewhere to call home and a family to love them. If you already have a dog, why not consider having a second one? Instead of buying a puppy why not get a rescue? We have lots of young dogs, many of which are past the chewing stage and who are already house trained. We also have older dogs that need less exercise but would love a warm bed to sleep on.
If you can help offer a home to a dog or offer temporary foster care please contact Dogs4life via Facebook or by email.


  • Telephone: 07964 364895
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