I'm Nevan Emin, founder of Degraf design studio, based in Green Lanes, opposite the Green Dragon.


We are a team of designers and business strategists, who understand that design is at the heart of business. We know that people think with their eyes - we are all naturally drawn to things that look good, we like the look of and are well designed.


We use these principles to help our clients to grow their businesses. We work with businesses in Winchmore Hill, as well as companies across London and the South East. I moved my business from North Enfield to Winchmore Hill where I live in 2013, not just to improve my own work/life balance, but because I wanted to spend more time in my home area and to work with the local business community.


Since moving to the parade, I have been instrumental in helping a number of my business neighbours to improve the visual appearance of their businesses, to make them more welcoming to their customers, giving them more kerb appeal to draw more people to them. I am pleased to say that the response has been positive so far.


We live in challenging times. Customers' needs and wants are always changing, new competitors emerging; there isn't a business in the land that can afford to stand still. Your clients and customers have so much choice, so why should they select you? When did you last stop and think about your brand and how well you are communicating with your customers and potential customers?


A brand is more than a logo, a set of pretty pictures, it encompasses all that your business stands for, your expertise, the quality of your products and your services. This is why the De Graf team take a holistic approach to looking at your visual appearance and your business needs. Are your business premises, your website and social or printed materials conveying the right messages about you?


Please call us or call in for an informal chat. We would be pleased to show you examples of work we have done for companies just like yours.


  • Street: 866 Green Lanes, Winchmore Hill
  • Postcode: N21 2RS
  • City: London


  • Telephone: 020 8344 8600
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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