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Are you constantly stressed out by having to hunt for items and papers because you literally can't see the wood for the trees?


You are not alone, the battle to manage stuff is reaching epidemic proportions in many households; sapping our energy, our time and causing us stress.




I'm Mary Durkan, I am a decluttering specialist and life coach. I first explored the benefits of decluttering when it became apparent that many of my clients were drowning in paper and possessions and that simplifying their property management was an integral part of helping them to overcome

other issues.


Putting your house in order is an important first step to putting your life in order!





         In my work I use the KonMari Method ™ which has revolutionised the lives of millions of people around the world;

         developed by Marie Kondo, in 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying'.


         The rules are very simple, once you learn how to simplify and organise your home to only keep what gives you joy

         and which has its allotted place; this philosophy can be a eureka moment.

         It becomes second nature, freeing time, energy and money for other things.


         So is it time to do something about it?




How can I help you to regain your home and your sanity?


I work with clients of all ages and life stages; from busy professionals & families; to people looking to move or downsize. I run training workshops to teach people how to take control of their poseessions and also work on a one to one basis with people in their homes and offices.


Decluttering workshops


In my workshops you will learn the principles behind KonMari; how to choose what to keep, instead of choosing what to get rid of, which is how must people approach decluttering.


I will teach you how not to feel guilty or remorse about passing on books or clothes to someone else who will get joy out of them.


Isn't it about time to throw out all the manuals for appliances you no longer own; copies of documents which should be shredded because they pose a security risk should someone break into your home?

To quote Marie Kondo:


"Keep only those things that speak to the heart, and discard items that no longer spark joy.

Thank them for their service – then let them go".


If you would like details of my monthly Decluttering Workshop, please email me for the next date.



Working in your home or office 

I am able to help you to organise effective systems for all the possessions that bring you joy, which you therefore wish to keep.


If time is short, I am able to sort your papers and possessions for you.


If you would like a no obligation quote for any of the above please get in touch. i offer a free 45 minute consultation.


Old habits are hard to break, but once you learn some simple 'stuff management' rules, I can guarantee that you and your family will reap the benefits.


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