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I'm Stuart Russell, MD of Armour Security. We are a local company specialising in residential and commercial security; advising and installing the best in Home Burglar Alarm Systems, CCTV Surveillance and Access Control available. We are celebrating our 35 year anniversary in 2018 .We are a NSI NACOSS Gold approved compan. The National Security Inspectorate (NSI) is the leading certification body for the security and fire protection industries in the UK.


A large number of our residential alarm clients are in Winchmore Hill and we have recently relocated our office from Bush Hill Park to Winchmore Hill. You can find us at 826 Green Lanes, just south of Waitrose. 


In the 'good old days' home security would be simply a case of locking the doors and checking that all the windows were shut. Sadly this is no longer the case; stronger measures are needed to deter intruders and prevent them gaining entry to your home or business premises. An increasing number of insurance companies are requiring the installation of a Domestic Intruder Alarm or Burglar Alarm System.


If you have never had an alarm system before, we know that this can be a daunting decision, on knowing what are the best options for your property.

You might find the Frequently Asked Questions on our website a good starting point. FAQS


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All our home security systems are are state of the art technology, complying with all current regulations,and insurance approved with excellent reliability and performance.


Armour Security Systems are custom designed to your premises and our alarms are monitored 24/7 by our approved Intruder Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) to react immediately to any alert, which may include informing the police about the problem.


We use several different types of intruder detectors, door and window contacts, movement detectors that can be safely set to ignore animals of a certain size, vibration detectors and glass break sensors.

A typical installation would consist of the following:

* Control panel, situated in a suitable position not too far from the front door (entry/exit).


* An alarm contact is fitted to the entry/exit door to inform the control panel that you are entering or leaving the premises.


* Movement sensors installed in key locations such as the hall, lounge, kitchen and landing.


*External sounder fitted to the front elevation and a dummy sounder to the rear of the property.


Armour Home Security Systems can be installed in a few hours and are completely wireless, with virtually no disruption to your home.


Our intruder alarms are all fitted with a high visibility external siren boxes that is an effective visual deterrent as well as making a high decibel noise when activated. Please note that not all security companies fit these.


For extra security consider installing CCTV surveillance, which can transmit live pictures to your smart phone or tablet. CCTV (Close Circuit Television) has proven the ultimate crime deterrent, increasing your personal safety and property. Home CCTV camera design technology has advanced considerably to make CCTV cameras more affordable. Our residential close circuit TV options can make the CCTV System highly visible for an immediate deterrent or discreet, whatever your preferences.


We also offer Residential or Domestic access control, usually involves main gate entry system, front door video/audio systems and remote or keypad control garage entry.


For more information on all our services please visit our website.


More information about our to our commercial and retail security services can be found on our website. 


 Call 020 8364 1717 for more information.






  • Street: 826 Green Lanes, Winchmore Hill
  • Postcode: N21 2RT
  • City: London


  • Telephone: 020 8364 1717
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