Woodcroft Super Summer Sunday (or when Bob met Dani)

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How do you get hundreds of people to turn up on a Summer Sunday afternoon to a 'secret' location to which few of the people attending have ever been to before, or even knew existed?


If you are organising a community event, the answer is through the children. Lay on lots of fun activities, spiced up with some good music, food, craft beers and Pimms and you have a recipe for success. The first Woodcroft Wildspace Family afternoon was a resounding success. The beautiful, sun bleached Wildcroft made the perfect backdrop for the relaxed afternoon, exploring the site, joining in activities, soaking up the sun and the atmosphere. .


It was back in March, one damp evening, when Bob was first introduced to Dani, who is setting up a fledgling events organisation business. Whereas in the past it was relatively easy to organise an impromptu community event, these days, you have to navigate your way through a whole raft of licensing, health & safely, risk assessment hurdles; let alone commit hundreds of pounds upfront to hiring portal loos, which nobody will use, if it pees with rain.


The objective was to raise money for the North London Hospice and the Nightingale Cancer charity and increase awareness of the Woodcroft Wildspace, as a space for everyone in the area to enjoy; which has been transformed from derelict playing field, into a diverse natural habitat and eco-educational resource, in a little more than a decade, by Bob and Amada Ladell and a smallish group of volunteers.


It was a chance for charities, small businesses and community groups to connect with their local community. Whilst social media was instrumental in making the day happen, it is no substitute for real community engagement, when people with different passions come together to make something happen. Have a look for yourself.






Woodcroft Wildspace is evolving as an eco-educational resource, where children can come to learn more about a wide range of environmental issues and commune with nature in the way that isn't so easy to do in an urban environment. It was only fitting therefore that the Food Gatherer should be present to showcase local food producers.


In the Organic Sensory Garden Bernie and Martine were extolling the virtues of no dig gardening, enthusing a couple more gardeners to take up the challenge. it is a chance for children to get a better understanding of how things grow.



Plenty of activities to keep the children amused.









And a change to explore the wilder places.



 Of course face painting is de rigeur in any kiddie activity day; but this was a day for all the community, pleanty of fun for the grown ups as well.






A chance to have a go at Zumba and Cha Samba




The newly built eco gym was put through its paces.




Families came out for a day of fun




and relaxation



 If it wasn't for Bob Ladell, there wouldn't be a Woodcroft Wildspace and it it wasn't for Dani Gavriel there wouldn't have been a Woodcroft Wildspace Super Summer Sunday.



 Well done Dani and Bob


Will you do it again next year?


Well done also to Tracy Annunziato of the North London Hospice and Carole Stanley of the Nightingale Cancer Trust, keep up the good work ladies


Thanks to Andew Prod for the majority of the photographs.





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  • tracy annunziato

    tracy annunziato

    15 July 2014 at 18:41 |
    A fantastic event. Really loved working with Dani Gavriel, Bob Ladell and Carole Stanley on this. And contrary to what I thought, jumping through the hoops the council hold up was actually pretty straight forward. We couldn't have pulled off such s fantastic event without the efforts of all in the super Summer Sunday Team. Thanks guys a pleasure to work with you and really looking forward to doing it again next year. Bigger and better! :)


  • Dani Gavriel

    Dani Gavriel

    16 July 2014 at 10:31 |
    Thanks for this beautiful write up Helen, we are so proud of what we achieved and a huge thank you to all the Super Summer Sunday team. Can't wait for next year!


  • Kamal Karimullah

    Kamal Karimullah

    16 July 2014 at 11:22 |
    It was a nice event In a nice surrounding that indeed me and my brother did not know about.On the "constructive criticism" side of it though, I would have to say that we had been hoping the outdoor activities had been more "ageless" rather than catered just mainly for kids.
    For young people as in youths,there wasn't that much for us to do.
    Maybe that could be taken into consideration for the next one you are hoping to do.

    On a side note, Dani we could do with some advice for how we can run our own event.Please if you can.You catered well for "families" though. I'm not under appreciating you though. I aspire to put on an event just like you. You make it look so easy!
    Thanks for the event.


  • Alison Salter

    Alison Salter

    18 July 2014 at 17:03 |
    What a lovely piece to compliment a lovely day. I look forward to helping with the next event at this Gem in N21


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