Woodberry Surgery Extension Planning Application

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The Woodberry Practice has been established as a doctor's surgery at 1 Woodberry Avenue for over 100 years and has provided a well valued service to our local community, throughout this period. In recent years, we have had to cope with a growing, ageing and diverse, population with increasing needs and demand. We are, however, considerably constrained to meet these demands, from our current premises. We have, over the years, made several concerted but unsuccessful attempts to relocate to new and local purpose built developments.


Our aim with our proposed extension plans is to complement our existing services with new community health services for our local community, taking into consideration any concerns of our neighbours.We hope that the local community and neighbours alike will be in favour of the following proposals and advantages in respect of our new extension proposals.





 You can view the planning application here

1. Our extension will be a single storey development, not too high above fence level, which complements our current building and the appearance of nearby homes; appealing in both design and environmental considerations.


2. Existing trees and shrubbery will not be affected.


3. In view of items 1 and 2, the proposed structure will not affect light to neighbouring properties.


4. Glazing will be adapted to maintain both the privacy of neighbouring residents as well as the confidentiality of our patients.


5. The front of the proposed extension, on Green Lanes, will have a garden area which will be more appealing than the current fencing in place.


6. Our patients treat our premises with the respect that is usually accorded to a doctor's surgery as opposed to other types of establishments such as pubs and restaurants. We therefore do not envisage any significant impact on noise pollution as a result of our extension.


7. The relocation of our surgery entrance to a point on our extension will allow better access to patients in wheelchairs or who have mobility problems.


8. The extension will allow for more ground floor consulting rooms that meet modern standards and compliances.


9. We will be able to bring services that are usually provided at hospital into our community clinics. Hospital Consultant appointments, Phlebotomy, Family Planning clinics, Minor surgery, physiotherapy and counselling services are just some examples.


10. We would be able to use the additional space for teaching undergraduate doctors, running patient educational events and health promotional programmes.


11. Additional space will also be used to create a better working environment for existing staff and not just used solely to run additional services or see more patients.


We have not received any confirmation or approval from the NHS & the Council in respect to proposals to merge with another practice. Discussions, practical implications, planning issues and legal implications surrounding any merger can take a considerable time to resolve.


We do however, propose to offer a 7 day a week service from our existing premises, together with 3 other Practices in Enfield. We hope that this will improve accessibility to appointments with doctors, nurses and Healthcare assistants for all our patients and those living in Enfield. We have listened to our patients who have requested the need to see a doctor, who has access to their medical history, and at a time that fits in with their working and family commitments. This service will run at weekends and will be appointment based. We will not be running a walk-in service like an urgent care centre or casualty department.


We fully appreciate the difficulties with parking in our area. We are happy to work with local residents and the Council to address these problems in any way we can.


We all sincerely hope you will look on our plans favourably and appreciate that we have the interests of our patients at heart in all our proposals."


Many thanks.


Dr Jane Selwood,

Dr Katherine Bluston

Dr Cristina Lopez-Peig

Dr Yogasakaran Arjuna



Response to the surgery extension proposal from a Winchmore Hill resident:





There wasn't even a courtesy letter informing immediate neighbours about the plans. This has already been extremely badly handled.


• The plans are being put in on the basis of a possible merger that hasn't been agreed yet - disruption and consequences based on a possibility and without full information – not good enough


• The surgery have not demonstrated any interest in working with local residents (and let's not forget that they are here to serve us and not the other way around.



There is simply no room for an extension to this surgery and no amenities to service it. The fact that there is no parking is sufficient reason to reject the application alone.


• Residents in the street have been refused permission to get dropped kerbs to park in their own drives so there is not even enough parking for residents.


• Those that do have drives they can park in get blocked in 10-20 times per day – patients park across white lines and dropped kerbs


• Where will an expanded surgery of 15k people park?


• Neighbours have been abused by patients when asking patients to park elsewhere – abuse, rudeness, fisticuffs and fear are the consequences


• How are sick, elderly, mums with kids, sick people, disabled people going to get to the surgery? Where will they disembark and get picked up? Do the doctors expect them to cycle to the surgery when sick?


• An enlarged surgery means more services are needed – vans, UPS, gardeners, food suppliers, drug suppliers, ambulances, disabled buses – where will they park?


• Safety - accidents will happen. People will be killed! The citing of the surgery on a junction of Woodberry Avenue with a busy road (now with a cycling lane that people will trip over) means that ambulances and big vans and cars will block the sight-lines of people crossing the road. Kids will get run over. Old people will be knocked down or too scared to cross. I have seen near accidents on a number of occasions.


• The Surgery plannning application states that visitors will be able to park closeby in Green Lanes, but they can't because of the cycle lane so they will be parking in Woodberry Avenue.


• At the moment, we get 2 x the number of people coming here because one person needs to sit in the car and hop about everytime a resident needs to get in their drive and the other to go into the surgery. They leave their cars running. There are fumes and health consequences from that.


• There are training courses and health sessions planned from the surgery. That will mean 20+ people trying to find parking AT ONCE in addition to the normal surgery patients


• The doctors claim to be willing to work with neighbours being blocked in but the management have never even once tried to help. They have a notice up and that is it and the manager refuses point blank to engage with these concerns.



• The Borough of Enfield is committed to sustainability. How is bringing more cars left running outside our houses with their choking fumes sustainable? I thought the cycling lane was supposed to make things greener.


• How is building a huge building that takes up the majority of a green garden sustainable? A brick and glass building with a pile of weeds on top is not sustainable.


• It will bring disturbance and noise 24/7 to the area. The surgery will be open 8am – 8pm but the services surrounding it – cleaning, maintenance and decoration - will take place around those times. They already have cleaners in at 11.30pm sometimes, decorate and drill on weekends including Sundays (against council laws), leave lights on all weekend at night, toilet fans on. It will be worse than already.


• No issues regarding security, policing, clearance of litter, noise assessments, light pollution assesssments, impact assessments have been carried out in line with the DMD documents.


• Hospital procedures will involve storing drugs – how safely will these be locked away? There have been incidents with drug addicts breaking into adjacent properties and people in the surgery gardens at night because of inadequate security measures.


• The building will block the natural light from neighbours and bring noise pollution, light pollution and loss of privacy to residents.


• The surgery's address is 1, Woodberry Avenue. It is adjoined to a residential property and people live in flats on the Woodberry Avenue side and at the end of the garden behind the Accommodation Bureau whose lives will be blighted by this. The impact of this on us is being ignored. The proposed plans will block about 40% of the natural light overall from the adjoining property.


Take a look at the plan of the back of the proposed



It incorporates a glass floor to ceiling wall that will overlook the bedroom and kitchen of the adjoining flats depriving its residents of the right to privacy. There are 4 windows in addition. It will block about 2 hours of morning light as the sun rises from Green Lanes over the back of the property. Will these windows be open?

It is about as 'un-neighbourly' as you can get in terms of design.



• Next to the library within the Sainsbury's grounds, where there is SAFE PARKING, A PHARMACY, A COFFEE SHOP and SAINSBURY'S where it BENEFITS everybody


• Choudhry's purchased the Police Station 3+ years ago – it's empty. They want to produce luxury flats. Make the surgery the ground floor (no-one would want a luxury flat on the ground floor where people drive into Sainsbury's) and build flats above it or have a conference room on the second floor as a barrier.


• This council needs to engage with the community.

• The proposed extension will bring chaos to residents and patients alike

• Pollution and accidents and misery will be the upshot.










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