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WOW on Wellness


We all need to connect and socialise, albeit via zoom. To this end, Angela Evangelou, with a little help from her friends, has set up a free 12-week programme - WOW - Working on Wellness.


Sessions will run on Mondays and Thursdays; 7pm to 8pm.


The aim of the sessions is to connect and get to know each other, to take the time we have been given during 'lockdown' to set personal goals in the areas of health, life style, personal growth and impact.


And to develop this over the 12 weeks.


Participants only need to attend ONE session a week.

To this end, each participant will be assigned a buddy, or bring your own buddy, in order to keep them 'accountable' to their goals.


Rather like having a mentor/coach to spur you on,

If this sounds good to you, please message Angela for further details.

Her number is 07849 110193

Leave a text message and she will get back to you as soon as she can.



Urgent physio


Oakwood Physiotherapy Clinic (93 – 95 Green Road, Oakwood) is still open for emergency physiotherapy – for people with a lot of pain and difficulties who would otherwise need to be seen by a GP or to go to a walk in clinic or A & E.


The clinic is also offering remote physio and osteopathy consultations via computer or smart phone which is proving popular with people who need expert advice whilst self-isolating. For more information please give us a call on 020 8440 3629 or visit our website:



Tips for staying calm in these uncertain, rocky times




Paying attention to your breath is a quick and effective way of helping to calm anxiety.

Try: deep belly breathing. Slowly try to swell your stomach when you breath in and bring your stomach in when you breath out.

Try: breathing in for a count of 3, breathing out for a count of 5



Talk your worries through with someone else, and be prepared to challenge your thinking especially if you tend towards worst case scenarios or 'catastrophising'.



Nature is a great healer, and the research now backs this up. Time spent in nature reduces stress and a number of medical conditions including high blood pressure. Being outside can also be a helpful distraction from overthinking as attention is focused on the outside world.



Stop incessant thinking by doing something pleasurable with your body such as listening to music, having a (gentle) dance and singing. We are not just our thoughts; we exist on many planes of experience, but sometimes we forget this.



You don't need to be able to do headstands or do Buddhist chanting to benefit from the many free Mindfulness meditation videos on that you can access via your computer on You Tube or on mobile apps (Insight Timer and Calm to name 2 such apps). These tools are very helpful and Mindfulness has been clinically proven to be effective in the treatment of anxiety and depression.



This releases endorphins which can make you feel happier and more positive. Of course also good for your heart and lungs.



Self isolation doesn't mean cutting yourself off from others. We need each other. Get on the phone and talk to friends and family. You can also use Skype, Zoom or Face Time if you want to see people on screen whilst talking to them. There are lots of free events currently being run online at present from yoga to groups for chat.



Low blood sugar levels and dehydration can affect energy levels and mood.



Don't hold on to upsetting thoughts and worries. Try keeping a journal or just writing about your experience/concerns, and if you can read this to someone else if you get the chance.


Julia Franks

In times when we are not self-isolating, Julia runs weekly dance, meditation and relaxation sessions on a Friday evening at the Friends Meeting House in Winchmore Hill. Don't hesitate to get in touch via the website.




Keeping the family fit in lockdown


27.3x2          Five Star Athletics and Family Fitness is run by GB Masters Athlete

          Claire Spurway.


          All classes have now gone virtual using FaceTime, WhatsApp and Zoom.

          Interactive classes involve groups of children or families online at the

          same time which adds a fantastic social element.

          Get fit together and compete against each other in this fun reality class!


          Private children's athletics classes and family fitness classes coached by Claire are bespoke classes delivered

          virtually in your own home by any medium you choose such as 


          Contact Claire Spurway on Facebook or 07939 987906

          This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Training your dog whilst in self-isolation



26.3z4          In this day of technological advancement and coronavirus

          there is no reason why dog training cannot be done remotely.


          Muddy Mutley puppy training and behaviour consultations

          are available now on Zoom.


          Zoom enables you to invite other family members to join the meeting;

          to share videos and photos so it is literally as if I was sitting with them

          in their home. 


I am offering free 30 minutes (normally £45) Q&A sessions so that people can practice and feel comfortable with the new way of working. We will look at one aspect of the behaviour they are having problems with and I will give them a tailored plan to work to they can video their progress and we can meet again to progress it.

For Group Training people will be able to access and a series of online lessons.


I will continue to prepare lesson plans for my current classes, and each week I will send those in the classes some videos of exercises to practice. They will then be invited to video their progress and send it back to me for assessment, the best one will be shared with the group. They will be able to collect points which when this is all over will be converted into prizes.  I will also hold some Zoom Q&A sessions that people can join to discuss popular issues.


I am putting together a Perfect Puppy Paw forward webinar workshop and a series of puppy classes.

Clare NL Grierson

07532 243153



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