Why is the Cheyne Walk "Open" Space still CLOSED?

on Thursday, 28 May 2015. Posted in N21 Community







We are well into 2015 and the open space should be open to the public by now - but it remains an unfinished building site, fenced and locked to the public. No work has taken place at the site this year despite the notice saying quite clearly that the landscaping would continue in "early 2015".





With rubbish left by the contractors still visible, vast bare patches of cracked, barren earth and the path that used to run round the field now blocked, the residents and users of this treasured resource have a right to complain.





EA: Wake up and finish the job!






Enfield Council: Kick the EA into action – NOW!



Months after the opening of the cycle path for the local community, Cheyne Walk has been abandoned by the Environment Agency.

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