#viralkindness in N21

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          All over the country local initiatives are springing up to help people

          who have had to self-isolate, because they have the dreaded COVID-19 virus;

          are more at risk of serious complications because of their age, the fact that

          they or someone in their household has underlying health issues or because

          they are just plain scared.


          This crisis isn't going to go away in a hurry, it is likely to get deeper,

          more difficult and more dangerous for many, if not the majority of us

          to go about our daily lives.


          If communities work together we can help people support each other

          and maybe even save lives.



This #viralkindness campaign was started by Becky Wass, who lives in Cornwall. Since the BBC featured her initiative, a simple template that people can print off and distribute to their neighbours.



Another inspiring initiative is thehelphub.co.uk, set up by a group of therapists in Oxfordshire, who are giving their time for free to talk to people who are lonely, isolated or just plain scared, by listening, supporting and helping where they can 


What can we do in N21?


The need for a community ethic of care, compassion and co-operation, perhaps not experienced since the 1940s is now urgently needed. 

A group of Grange Park residents have volunteered to co-ordinate volunteers in their roads and be a point of contact for people who need help. It is hoped to publish these names shortly.


Can we start to build up a #viralkindness network all over the local area?





Other useful links - if you come across some sound advice to add to this list please get in touch.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 germdefence.org/  (University of Southampton)


How to protect your mental health?



Bazile Road

Seema Sodha 07958 713 282



Jo Fuller 07766 954 004

The Birches

Paul Kramer 07308 966 886

Broad Walk

John Winchmore 07741 633 197


Cadogan Gardens

Martin Pratt  07986 295 038

Cranleigh Gardens

Paul Kennedy - 07788 972 539


Cheyne Walk

Esther Douglas  07802 349 706


Eversley Park Road

Neal Hall  07712 708 277


Green Dragon Lane

Eda Ayyildiz - 07747 622 164

Landra Gardens

Andreas Chrysanthou 07956 924 502

Langham Gardens

Sharon Edwards 07957 446 519


Maxim Road

Cos - 13 Maxim Road

Old Park Ridings

Jason Cole - 07500 787 424 (from the Church up to the roundabout)

Onslow Gardens

Rossanna Georgiou 07961 123 273

Park Drive
Michelle Gower  07834 770 883

Andy Mead 07950 749 388


Uplands Way

Mary Gillmore  07973 320 798


Vera Ave

Karen Hosker  07947 045 109







All over the country local initiatives are springing up to help people

who have had to self-isolate

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