This is what cycling in Enfield SHOULD look like

on Wednesday, 16 March 2016. Posted in N21 Community


The Netherlands are often held up as an example of how cycling can become a travel mode for many more people. If we had cycling lanes like this who wouldn't want to use them?


However Green Lanes can't be like this, it is too narrow, the cycle lanes won't be properly segregated. 


Surely this is what the Mini Holland money should be spent on?




Councillor Daniel Anderson, who is leading the scheme has said about the Enfield Town scheme which was resoundingly rejected in the Cycle Enfield consultation:


"As we have always said we will listen carefully to what people have told us and revise the plans to best meet the community's needs – as we have done with our proposals for Palmers Green.........We will address any significant issues that have come out of these consultations and seek TfL's support in agreeing revisions, which address residents' views and concerns. Nonetheless, we remain committed to the principle behind the schemes, simply because

there is no sustainable alternative."


What changes have the Council made to meet the community needs in Palmers Green and Winchmore Hill?


Enfield Council is having to rethink the proposals for Enfield Town, surely they should also be rethinking the  A105 too?



this is how to get the people of Enfield cycling

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