This council has a lot to answer for writes Marie Shepherd

on Thursday, 22 July 2021. Posted in N21 Community

This letter written by Southgate resident Marie Shepherd, who lives within the Fox Lane LTN, was published in the Enfield Independent on July 21.2021. It encapsulates ALL that is wrong with this experimental scheme - but most of all the divisive impact on the local community and the negative rather than positive climate change impact. 
I refer to your front page story on 14 July 2021 “Council faces traffic challenge”
The Fox Lane LTN scheme was flawed not only because a key document was published late but also because no proper consultation with the residents took place. 
The Fox Lane scheme has been described in different terms at different times by the Council.  It started out being called a Quieter Neighbourhood (QN) which then morphed into a Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) but in more recent times has reverted to being called a Quieter Neighbourhood.  The reality is that this area which was always known as the Lakes Estate is now a Private Estate, an area to be used exclusively by residents of 11 roads closed off with bollards and planters instead of the traditional gates.  It was rushed through without proper consultation. The Council blamed COVID for the haste but if it was honest it would admit it was because Councillors  knew that in its present form it would never be accepted by the majority in any consultation.
Because of the creation of the Private Estate many hundreds of other Enfield residents who live on the residential boundary roads and side roads that feed onto the boundary roads, now endure a life of hell at times as they have become conveyor belts for all the displaced traffic. 
We are constantly being reminded that we are living in a climate crisis.  Channelling so much traffic onto a handful of roads, thereby creating long, slow-moving conveyor belts of vehicles with the resulting very poor air-quality, is adding to the climate crisis and it is surprising that those charged with protecting the environment at Enfield Council fail to grasp that point.  The Council is not delivering on protecting the environment.  It is both failing and falling out with its electorate.
The QN does nothing for the environment, nothing to combat climate change, nothing to reduce traffic in the area, nothing to improve air quality, nothing to reduce emissions, nothing to encourage people to walk, nothing to address women’s safety. It has had one big success.  It has divided the community by creating bitterness, alienation and inequality.  The loud voice of the pro QN minority has invaded and intruded upon a previously happy, harmonious, co-operative and peaceful community. It fills me with immense sadness.  This Council has a lot to answer for.
Yours faithfully,
Marie Shepherd

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