The Enfield Experiment

on Thursday, 27 February 2014. Posted in N21 Community

The Enfield Experiment focuses on the fortunes of the London Borough of Enfield, home to some of the wealthiest parts of England – but also some of its most broken, where manufacturing has gone, to be replaced with deprivation. The local council is trying a series of big and risky manoeuvres to bring back industry and create jobs – but will it work? How will businesses respond? Are council staff up to their immense new task?


The Guardian will track their progress over the next couple of years, in the paper, on the web and in films. The project is led by the Guardian's senior economics commentator, Aditya Chakrabortty



In the second in the series (published in April 2014), Aditya Chakrabotty talks to teenagers about their lives, their future and politics.

Read the article online here




In the third Enfield Experiment article, published on September 1st, the Guardian spent a week in the emergency housing office in Enfield. With more than 2,000 people on the waiting list for council properties, and the cap on housing benefit forcing people to accept lower quality housing, we found frontline staff struggling to keep up with their caseloads – in a week that further redundancies were announced



The Guardian's senior economics commentator kicks off a new series looking at the challenges facing the London suburb where he grew up – and the ideas that might offer a radical fix.

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