The day I quit smoking

on Monday, 12 January 2015. Posted in N21 Experts

I remember the day well. The 17th of July 2014, the day I quit smoking.

I'd been trying and failing for a number of years to quit the cigarettes, I'd made some pretty decent attempts as well. Six weeks here, another month there, feeling great about my accomplishment; but sooner or later a stressful situation, or more often a night on the town would become the catalyst to my failure, and I'd be saying those god awful words "Ten Marlboro Lights please mate".


It's a pretty rubbish feeling when you start smoking again, the longer you've been off them the harder it hits you when you return. The smelly clothes are back, with the smelly fingers to keep them company. Huddled together in the rain, trying to keep warm under a tiny out door heater, returning to the bar with that nasty taste at the back of your throat and a chest as tight as my mate Pete.


I wanted to give it up so bad it should have been simple, but it wasn't. It was in fact anything but.


Then last year, a friend of mine asked me to help him set up an online store, a place where he could sell Electronic Cigarettes, and Eliquid for people looking to give up smoking. Naturally it sounded like an interesting proposition and I was only too pleased to be involved. So I said yes and we set about building a website for Vape and Juice.


Now I'd never actually tried Ecigs at that point, and had never really understood enough about them to consider them a credible option for giving up smoking. On face value it appeared to be just another vice. However the process helped me learn more about vaping. On reflection I consider myself incredibly lucky to have been served the opportunity. If it hadn't come about I might still be smoking cigarettes today. That's right, I quit smoking!


As part of the deal I was given a starter kit to get stuck in to plus a bottle of Grandpa's tonic, Maple Syrup EJuice. 12mg of nicotine to replace that of my traditional cigarette, the hand to mouth routine which I'd become so accustomed to and the vapour to replace the smoke; which meant I could still do smoke rings and irish waterfalls if I wanted to. I still can't do them actually.


6 months later I'm cigarette free and vaping blueberry Ejuice with zero nicotine. The smell of cigarettes ranks on par with that of a festival toilet and I seem to be breaking in to a lot less £10 notes than I used to.


I went from a misinformed pessimist to a whole hearted advocate in the space of 6 months and I'm not alone. Tobacco companies have made us pay cash in return for a reduced life expectancy for too long now. I've taken great pleasure in breaking the habitual, in favour of something I consider to be superior in every way possible.


If you've just started vaping, congratulations.


Glen Waters


Vape and Juice

12 Wades Hill

I remember the day well. The 17th of July 2014, the day I quit smoking.

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