Ten Top Tips for Easy Cleaning

on Wednesday, 28 September 2016. Posted in N21 Experts


Katy Schweiger of Domestico provides ten simple and inexpensive tips for removing stains on kitchen utensils and crockery using cheap and natural ingredients, some from the larder- which have been used for centuries!





1. Greasy baking trays can be cleaned with washing detergent. Add a scoop to the pan with hot water and leave to soak. It will help to lift off all the grease and food residue without much elbow grease.


2.  "The rainbow affect" in pans can be removed by boiling hot water and tartar sauce in the pan affected. Rinse and buff dry for clean shiny pots!!


3. Rusty knives can be cleaned by putting the blades into a raw onion. Wiggling the blade around activates the juice and gets rid of the rust.


4. To remove light stains from mugs or cups, rub with a paper towel and some salt. Borax or bicarbonate soda also works if you don't have salt.


5. Heavily stained cups are best left in soak for 5 minutes with hot water and bleach. This takes the mug back to its original colour but ensure you rinse well so no bleach residue is left in the mug.


6. Once you have used a frying pan put straight into cold water with a drop of washing up liquid. This avoids having to scrub too hard or have any marks left at the bottom of the pan.


7. To remove tarnish from copper cookware sprinkle with salt, cover with lemon juice or vinegar, rub over the affected area, rinse thoroughly and buff dry.


8. When washing up, add a dash of distilled vinegar to the final rinse. This brings the glassware up sparkling and is a great tip if you have dinner parties and want your glasses shining.


9. Vinegar also works wonders in removing scrambled egg, put the pan on to boil with a mix of water and vinegar for a few minutes, it comes off a treat


10. Red wine stains from the bottom of a decanter can be removed with rice and distilled white vinegar. Add a small hand full of rice and the vinegar and rotate gently. The abrasive action will help to remove the deposits that are inaccessible.

How to use cheap 'ingredients' found in the Larder to add a shine in the kitchen!

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