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Stonard Road "Point No Entry"

By Robert Taylor DipTE CEng MCIHT MICE

This experimental traffic scheme has recently been installed by Enfield Council.



21.6p7              it is intended to prevent "rat running" in this road.

              The scheme is of a rather unusual design, but it is certainly not unique.

              At present it consists of two of those much loved black planter boxes (which have

              been removed from other local locations after they failed to reduce through traffic),

              which block off half of the width of Stonard Road.


              They are located near the junction with Avondale Road. At this point there are "No Entry"

              signs which prevent vehicles travelling from this junction towards Hoppers Road.


              However, the "No Entry" only applies at the actual point where the black plastic boxes are located.

              This means that the rest of Stonard Road, on both sides of these black boxes, is still a two way road.


The main effect of this scheme is that it prevents drivers on Green Lanes from using Stonard Road to avoid the delays that they experienced when turning right into Bourne Hill, at the traffic lights at its junction with Green Lanes.



Enfield Council scheme illustration



What it certainly does not do is to prevent "rat running" by drivers coming down Bourne Hill who want to avoid delays that occur at these traffic lights when turning left turn into Green Lanes. It even makes this "rat run" rather more attractive for them. This is because they are now less likely to meet any vehicles travelling in the opposite direction on Stonard Road.


At least one Stonard Road resident has already expressed the view that vehicles travelling towards Green Lanes now seem to be going faster than they did before the "Point No Entry" scheme was installed.


Other criticisms have been made about the scheme. One is that a plan, published in the Council's leaflet about the scheme, shows that there would be a blue circular sign on the Avondale Road approach to the junction with Stonard Road telling drivers that they must turn left. But this sign has not been installed.


It has also been suggested that, in the interest of achieving consistent signing, there should also be a similar sign telling drivers approaching this junction, on Stonard Road from the Green Lanes direction, that they must turn right.


On the Avondale Road approach to the junction with Stonard Road, there is a right turn arrow and a cycle symbol, marked in white on the road surface. These white road markings indicate to cyclists that they can make a right turn from Avondale Road into Stonard Road. But, in order to avoid doing this illegally by ignoring the "No Entry" signs, cyclists need to use the "Cycle Bypass". This just means that they should ride between the two planter boxes. But there are no signs at all telling them to do this.


Enfield Council has invited anyone when has any views about this scheme to complete a short survey, closing on 9 December 2019

You can request a paper copy of this survey you can order one by phoning 020 8379 4498


Alternatively you can submit a formal objection to the Experimental Traffic Order for this scheme being made permanent by e-mailing Enfield Council at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or writing to the Heard of Traffic and Transportation, Civic Centre, Silver Street, Enfield EN1 3XD, quoting reference TG52/1668 EXP - before the closong date.


Whilst many are jaundiced by Enfield Council's attitude to objections that it receives from members of the public to traffic schemes, most especially that the Green Lanes (A105) cycle lanes scheme went ahead, with hardly any changes, even though over 1600 written objections were made to this scheme; it is still important that people take the time and trouble to submit their comments.


Robert Taylor

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