Spruce Up for a Spring Sale

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As dormant purchasers emerge from winter like so many hedgehogs coming out of hibernation, it's time to make sure your house is market ready. Spring is prime selling season and, as such, you need to push your property to the top of buyers' wish lists if you intend to sell up by summer. So, what can you do to make sure your house shows off its best side in the estate agent's particulars, and gets house hunters back for a second viewing?


Kerb appeal

It has been said many times but first impressions really do count. If a potential purchaser is greeted by a litter-strewn pathway, an unkempt flower bed and a front door that needed repainting back in the nineties, they'll have a negative impression before they even step foot inside. An hour or two of your time is all it takes to make sure viewers don't make a u-turn at the front gate.


Spring clean

A spring sale means a spring clean. Winter is a natural time of hoarding and hunkering down – as sunlight returns it's time to open the windows, clear out the clutter and re-energise your home. A general rule of thumb is to aim your interior at the minimalist buyer, which means temporarily re-housing your collection of thimbles or porcelain figurines in the attic, getting rid of stockpiles of old newspapers and clearing sufficient floor space to allow viewings to take place without major injury. And don't forget to clean the windows in order to maximise light into the property.


Green fingers

Don't forget about your outside space in your haste to spruce up the inside of your house. A garden can be a massive selling point for a property, particularly in London, so it's vital to make it appealing to potential buyers. Regardless of size, you should show that the garden is loved, used and has potential for both socialising and family life. Dust off the patio set if you have one, weed the borders, cut the grass, reattach loose fence panels and remove or dismantle any oversized play equipment (such as trampolines or climbing frames) as these can distort the size of the garden. If you've got a lot of toys and equipment lying around, consider buying a large outdoor storage box – you can take this with you when you move.

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