So how are the new year's resolutions going then?

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If you've been successful, congratulations! If not, don't feel bad if you didn't smoke on New Years' Day and then got back on the fags on 2nd Jan or that you joined the gym, went a couple of times and haven't been since...... most people break theirs after a couple of days! Read on....


Did you rely on willpower?

Smokers are particularly fond of this one. The idea is that if you exert enough of this magical force, you will somehow be able to overcome your real desires ('cravings', 'temptations' etc) and stop yourself doing what you desperately want to (smoking cigarettes, eating cream buns, drinking too much etc.).


The big problem with willpower is that you have to remember to use it! You have to force yourself to go to the gym, and then get really grumpy when you don't have that cigarette with your coffee in the ,morning! You also have to be vigilant at all times, avoiding giving in to weakness. After all, you're only human – sooner or later, your resolution cracks and you wake up the next morning cross with yourself for having a hangover, stinking like an ashtray and having to undo your belt a notch! Fortunately with the use of hypnosis, you don't need to worry about willpower.


Also, your internal dialogue is a crucial aid to sticking to your resolutions. If you find yourself using the words 'should, ought, must, need, try, have, I hope', you have already practically hypnotised yourself to fail. So here are some statements that you will WANT to be saying to yourself:


'I look fantastic in my bikini /mankini on the beach!'

'I have a toned, healthy body'

'I am healthy!'

'My tax return will be dealt with on time'

'I achieve my goals'

'I am calm, confident and in control'

'I will be slim and fit for life'


So, the only way to keep a resolution is to get the subconscious and the conscious in agreement. If our conscious was the part that was in control, it would be easy to stop smoking/drinking/biting nails, however it's the subconscious that is control and that is why we need to access it and the best way to do that is through hypnosis.


So if you think you would like some help in achieving your goals, get in contact. No matter what you are facing, we are sure that we can help you. We have a proven track record of success – just look at the testimonials . We are friendly, informal, affordable and here to help, so no matter what your concern is – get in touch and we can have a no-obligation chat .



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If you've been successful, congratulations! If not, read on!

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