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My name is Graham Hill and I am the owner of the Sidings at Winchmore Hill and along with Trevor and Shelly who run the Sidings we are in the process of applying for planning permission to continue with the current weekly farmers market at the Sidings and to extend the current trading days to include Sunday 9am – 4pm Saturday 9am – 7pm and weekdays 12am – 7pm.


Obviously we have no intention of opening 7 days a week for such long hours and realistically we will only be opening 1 - 3 days a week over shorter periods however the planning application allows us the versatility to use the Sidings for different uses on different days as well as the current farmers market on Sundays which we will continue to run.


Some of the future uses we plan are events such as Antique fairs, Craft markets, Art exhibitions and Street food days as well as many other community uses. Wouldn't it be great for Winchmore Hill if we had regular such events using this perfect location right in the centre of the Green that would not only be a real community asset but also hopefully bring much needed customers to the shops of the Winchmore Hill. At this point as we understand there is a lot of support for the Sidings and we have proven over the last six months of trading the Sidings operates with absolutely no impact to surrounding highways and in a safe manor, however there are the very small minority that seem to shout the loudest and they are objecting to our application. For this reason we have suggested we trade under a temporary planning permission for a one year period to categorically prove that the Sidings can trade without any adverse effect to the surrounding areas and so hopefully this will help with our application.


However if this application does not go through and the market does close can anybody suggest what this piece of land could be better used for right in the centre of the community. As a Garden centre it wasn't economically viable and with the current rent it wouldn't be suitable to be a car park unless there was a car wash attached, which surely can't be good for the area. Also it wouldn't be suitable for a Playground, Skate Park or similar use as once again it wouldn't be economically viable unless there was some sort of Café attached. So the question is could there be a better use for this piece of land than its existing use. We have had so many positive comments and we know from the local residents we meet that it is really loved and we believe it enhances the Green and is definitely a community asset. So please if you want the Sidings to stay don't be one of the silent majority and support our application and don't let the odd couple of loud objectors win.


Email the council using the link attached and thank you for your support.




Graham Hill, founder of The Sidings asks for support in the application to Enfield Council to enable The Sidings to continue trading. 

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