Putting parking outside cycle lanes is dangerous - see for yourself

on Thursday, 21 July 2016. Posted in N21 Community


What happens when you locate parking bays outside of a cycle lane so that people have to cross over a cycle lane to get to the pavement?


ACCIDENTS - watch this shocking clip taken of a recent accident in Rusholme, Manchester. Note the cyclist riding on the pavement to avoid 'the obstruction'. The elderly lady was knocked unconscious.






This CCTV footage shows an accident actually happening





This video takes you along the Rusholme cycle route, through residential areas as well as the famous 'Curry Mile' and other local high streets. It is shown at double speed (sorry) but gives you some idea of that is proposed for the A105, Green Lanes through to London Road, from Palmers Green Libary to Enfield Town.



Most city cyclists are commuters, wanting to get from A to B as fast as possible. By putting the cycle lane alongside the kerb, inside of parked cars it is inevitable that they will come into conflict with pedestrians. 





How many cars will be crossing over the cycle lane every day?

watch this video to show that accidents are already happening



What happens? ACCIDENTS!

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