Protecting your passwords from online hackers

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Choosing the right password, ie a strong and therefore secure password, is something that few people seem to get right.

Hackers attack online accounts by using software that can generate thousands of possible password combinations every minute, obviously the more complex a password means the more sophisticated the hacking software needs to be, which ultimately reduces the risk of your accounts being hacked. Although no password can be 100% guaranteed, following our guide below will help you improve the security of your passwords and therefore your online accounts:


Password Do's


  Use between 8-15 characters


  Use an encrypted file or password manager for generating strong passwords and for safe keeping of them (there are some great open source free software programmes out there such as


Change your password periodically or if you suspect it has become compromised


Resist writing your password down (if you do have to then don't leave it somewhere obvious)


Password Don'ts


X  NEVER use a dictionary word (this is the biggest mistake most people make)


X  Don't use the same password for multiple accounts


X  Predictable passwords are bad so never use names, birth dates, quotes or numerical sequences


Do not ever tell anyone your password or let them see you type it into your account


Never send your password via email


X  Never tick the 'remember me' option for your password


For businesses looking for extra security we can offer Two-Factor Authentication. This method provides a second security stage in addition to a strong password via a one time code. This code is sent to a specified phone or a special 'key' and is the same process used by many online banks.


In this day and age, with passwords being needed for all email and online accounts, it is becoming increasingly important to protect yourself and by choosing a secure password, you will have taken a very big step towards doing this.


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How seriously do you take your online security?

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