Urgent: Objection to Planning Application 20/02863/FUL

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Your help is needed to protect this valuable green space

For the past five years Carole and Andrew Coyne who live at 1 Seaforth Gardens and their neighbours have being fighting against proposals to develop back gardens behind the gardens of Nos. 3,5,7 & 9 Seaforth Gardens & Nos. 31,33 & 35 Broad Walk.





Why has it taken the developers so long to get this planning application through?


Firstly, they had to create a road access to the site. This was done by purchasing the garage from 3 Seaforth Gardens, which was subsequently sold, without the adjoining garage! This was demolished without planning permission in October 2019 to allow access to the site, as the photo shows it has created a narrow lane a mere 449 cm wide.








          This narrow access to the site has already created problems for the Coyne family.

          Vehicles using this site have caused potentially damaging structural problems to their basement.


          Over the past five years Carole and other Seaforth Garden neighbours have raised concerns with

          Enfield Council's planning department and have spent thousands of pounds on legal advice.

          Yet still Enfield council has allowed the developers who sought preplanning advice to progress.

          It is residents' understanding there is a covenant covering the gardens that back on to Grovelands Park

          but this apparently would not stop a planning application being made or even being granted.


          Meanwhile the developers have illegally destroyed a destroyed a number of trees, including mature oaks

          and a silver birch protected by a Tree Preservation Order which is a criminal act. In doing so, the

          contractor responsible had large fires which in turn damaged some mature trees within Grovelands Park.

          Again Enfield Council took no action.







Planning Application 20/02863/FUL is now open for objections and due to the high level of concern expressed by local residents they have agreed to extend the date to November 1st 2020.


The application can be viewed on the Enfield Council Planning Portal, where objections can be lodged until October 29 2020


Redevelopment of site and erection of 3 detached dwelling houses, incorporating soft and hard landscaping and installation of boundary fencing, together with car and cycle parking and refuse storage. | Land To Rear Of 3-7 Seaforth Gardens And 35 Broad Walk London N21 3BT


The Winchmore Hill Residents Association ( WHRA ) Architectural & Planning consultant Sharde Behrouzi is advising residents with regard to this planning application. As a Winchmore Hill resident Sharde knows the area well. He contends that the proposals contravene Policy DMD 7 Development of Garden Land. What's more if this planning application was granted it would be set a precedent which would allow this sort of development to be approved across Winchmore Hill and the resulting overdevelopment of the area through this sort of backdoor/back garden development.

Sharde explains:


Once again our beautiful, historic Winchmore Hill is under serious threat from developers who wish to construct new houses on green field sites.

On this occasion a planning application for a back garden development bordering the ancient woodland area of Grovelands Park has been submitted to Enfield Council.

The developers have already cleared the site and if the development is approved these new houses could set a disastrous precedent for back garden developments around Grovelands Park, leading to a second road circling Grovelands Park behind the existing homes. It would destroy the essence of Winchmore Hill.

1 . The Principle of a Back Garden Development at this location, the proposal also harms Grovelands Park which is a Grade II Listed Heritage

2 . Destruction of Green Field, Wild Life Habitat, Biodiversity & Ecological Impact

3 . Impact to Trees, protection of trees with Preservation Orders , prosecution of offenders

4 . Unsustainable Overdevelopment & Overbearing Densification of the area

5 . An Incongruous, Obtrusive & Inappropriate form of development to the locality


We would ask you to join us in objecting to this development by taking the time to email the case officers

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Sharde would also be grateful if you could copy him into any responses you make

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you would like to contact Sharde with any questions regarding the architectural & planning points please call him on 07841 421 011.


In the past the Borough of Enfield had a policy of turning down most back land development projects and this proposal would require this policy to be disregarded. Across the country planning processes are to be relaxed which will almost certainly reduce the rights of local residents to have a say in what is built in their home area.


The developer, who apparently doesn't even live in this country has already demonstrated a cavalier disregard for residents and the local environment and there is strong evidence that they are not fit and proper custodians of this green space which was acquired to speculate and overdevelop the area, with very poor road access to the proposed properties.


Enfield Council has stated that the application will be considered against both the Local Plan and the London Plan which includes policies which this application conflicts with.

In addition, the National Planning Policy Framework, Para 122(d), recognises the importance of maintaining an area's "prevailing character and setting (including residential gardens)".


The more objections, the more Enfield Council must listen to our views. Please ask your friends and relatives to join us in protecting Winchmore Hill.


Thank you for your support.

Carole Coyne and Seaforth Gardens residents

Sharde Behrouzi

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