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on Friday, 15 August 2014. Posted in N21 Community


A number of people in the local area have signed up to this website




The concept behind Park At My House (now rebranded as Just Park) is simple, it connects users with empty drives with motorists who need a parking space.


To quote from the website on 14/8/14


"Have you considered renting out your parking space? Car parking near Winchmore Hill is in high demand and many of our parking space owners are earning a significant second income. Making money from your empty driveway, garage, car park or parking space couldn't be easier and we have thousands of people looking to compare Winchmore Hill parking or searching for cheap parking to rent all over the country.


We have Winchmore Hill parking spaces available to rent today.


So far we've gathered 82 Winchmore Hill parking reviews from our previous customers and with a customer satisfaction rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 we're confident that you'll have an incredible parking experience.Our prices are regularly the cheapest parking at Winchmore Hill. Book the cheapest parking available and you could pay as little as £4.50 to £11.50 per day from over 93 parking spaces - now that's a bargain!"  has calculated that in London the rental value of a driveway with parking spaces could be worth £2,040 a year on average.


Whilst it won't solve our local parking problems, it is an idea worth sharing, a win win situation for driver and home owner, which apparently has already been tried by over half a million drivers. 



 There is an app which you can download, to use Just Park wherever you want to park.

Your drive could be earning you money

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