Parents evenings: how to make the best use of the time with your child's teachers

on Wednesday, 19 November 2014. Posted in N21 Experts

Most schools hold parents’ evenings a couple of times a year, to give parents the opportunity to discuss their child’s progress with their class and subject teachers. Often the time allocated with a teacher is no more than a few minutes. Vassos Vassiliou of the After Learning Centre advises parents to spend a few minutes before hand thinking about the most important questions to ask their child’s teachers. This will make it easier to understand what the teacher is really saying about your child and enable you to come away with a realistic picture of their progress at school; where they are doing well and equally important – where they may need some additional help. 
Here are some questions you might like to consider, to get you thinking about the issues that are most relevant to your child. These questions are primarily for parents of primary school age, but the same principles apply for older children, especially those making subject choices for GCSE and students sitting public exams.
Reading and writing
Does my child understand what s/he reads?
How well does my child read and understand new words?
Is my child’s hand writing and work neat and tidy?
In the classroom
Does my child listen to and follow instructions?
Does my child stay focused throughout the lesson?
Does my child finish their work before the end of the lesson?
Does my child actively participate and put up their hand to answer questions during class discussions? 
What type of work does my child enjoy most? 
What does my child struggle with?
How’s my child's behaviour and performance in class and what improvements need to be made?
Homework and home support
Does my child hand in completed homework on time and is it of good quality?
What do you recommend we do at home to help my child?
If I was to get extra help for my child, what should I look for?
Vassos would be pleased to talk to you in confidence about your child’s progress and help you to plan what might be the best educational options for your child.
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Have you ever come away from Parents evening at your child's school feeling that you are none the wiser on how well they are actually doing?

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