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on Thursday, 14 November 2013. Posted in N21 Business Blog


Want to find some 'extra-ordinary' Christmas presents for your family and friends this Christmas? Something so beautiful and unique that the person you give it will actually remember you gave it to them a year from now?


Meet Dan Maier, who founded the Open Studios & Art Trail Project two years ago. Dan has organised her first Christmas season event, to enable local artists and craftsmen to display their highly individual and handcrafted work for local residents to buy for Christmas.



Dan lives in Palmers Green and runs her own design studio in Southgate. In her previous career she was a lighting designer, selling her own innovative designs through such prestigious stores as Harvey Nichols, Liberty, Heals and John Lewis; and also creating attention grabbing store windows for many leading retailers.Whilst still advising retailers on display, for the past two years Dan has been galvanising local creative talent, recognising just how difficult it can be for artists to find a market and how intidimating it can be to make an approach to the kinds of retailers who are likely to be able to sell their work. She coaches them and helps them to make connections as well as showcasing their work locally through the ground breaking Open Door trail around the local area.


Many artists live solidarity lives working from home and Dan helps them to approach retailers and has formed the Creative Exchange, a local hub for designers and artists, to learn from each other, collaborate and find new exhibiting opportunities.


The Designer Craft & Art Fair takes place this Sunday November 17th, at St Monica's Hall on Cannon Hill. Here are examples of some of the artists work on display.



If the Fair has been and gone by the time you read this article, please contact Dan as she would be delighted to put you in touch with the local artists and is always very keen to hear from local creatives who could participate in the project. 




Dan also has designs on the former Blockbusters store, to turn it into a creative local business venue, at the heart of Southgate. It is a unique art deco building which could be restored into a unique creative arts arena which could bring people flocking out to Southgate on the Piccadilly Line.


Prepare to be dazzled, this weekend and beyond.



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  • Jo Angell

    Jo Angell

    15 November 2013 at 17:48 |
    I'm very much looking forward to bringing my textile designs to the fab designer craft and art fair on Sunday!


  • Dan Michell

    Dan Michell

    15 November 2013 at 20:47 |
    Hooray for creativity. Thank you for publicizing this event which I didn't know existed.


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