New path being created along the New River

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UPDATE: construction work has been delayed whilst the lease between Thames Water and LBE is finalised. Work is now scheduled to begin by late summer.


Over the past few days (early March) an observant local resident noticed that all the trees on the stretch of Green Lanes between Carpenter Gardens Barrowell Green were beng felled.


This is how it used to look








This is how it looks now that all the trees have been removed.  








Living in close proximity to the site she contacted a local councillor, who sent this leaflet. It hasn't been distributed, but it appears that this section of Green Lanes is to have a makeover, in conjunction with Thames Water; part of the Gateways Projects 2016/2017.



 Here are some more details from the Highways Department

The design for the New River/Green Lanes site has been developed in consultation with Thames Water, and aims to make the space more accessible. The design includes a range of features such as:


* Bespoke granite block signage (created from sandblasted reclaimed granite) at site entrances


* A row of semi-mature clear stem oaks along Green Lanes. These mitigate the removal of the self-set vegetation and also open up sightlines towards Green Lanes


* A line of granite boulders to stop vehicles from accessing the site. These also create informal 'play on the way' opportunities for children walking along the site (a similar arrangement has recently proven very successful at Albany Park) and a number of them will have bespoke bird feet patterns on them to inspire curiosity and encourage children to find out more about wildlife along the New River


* High quality paving and new planting areas with low growing plants to promote biodiversity such as bee and butterfly attracting shrubs and perennials


* A new footpath leading from Carpenter Gardens to Barrowell Green


* The works are progressing on site, and it is anticipated that the tree planting will be carried out towards the end of April 2017 and construction work completed soon after at the start of May 2017.






Note the leaflet shows cars parked by the side of the new green space - sorry Highways but all parking is due to be removed. Perhaps you need to change your image before it goes to print. 


Enfield Council and Thames Water are redeveloping the open space between Carpenter Gardens and Barrowell Green. 

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  • Caroline Gellor

    Caroline Gellor

    22 April 2017 at 12:12 |
    So, you cut down a mature hedge row right in the middle of the breeding season! Did you make any checks for nesting birds? Did you consider that the flowering cherries were providing vital food for bumble bees and other insects? Did you consider the ducks that nest under the bushes? So instead of a wildlife friendly riverside you are going to replace it with a sterilised 'neat' riverside providing no interest to wildlife whatosever! Shocking!! I live nearby and was not consulted about this in anyway at all! We will now be walking along the river with no protection from all the additional fumes from the standing traffic as a result of the mini Holland scheme! Great!


  • Laurence


    16 February 2018 at 16:52 |
    Development always seems to start with chainsaws and concrete with total lack of respect for existing greenery. I dread it
    Enfield should be protecting all living things to keep the borough as green as possible. More 'hard landscaping ' is not something we need anywhere


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