New path being created along the New River

on Tuesday, 14 March 2017. Posted in N21 Community


Over the past few days (early March) an observant local resident noticed that all the trees on the stretch of Green Lanes between Carpenter Gardens Barrowell Green were beng felled.


This is how it used to look








This is how it looks now that all the trees have been removed.  








Living in close proximity to the site she contacted a local councillor, who sent this leaflet. It hasn't been distributed, but it appears that this section of Green Lanes is to have a makeover, in conjunction with Thames Water. The rails are to be removed and a new path (presumably as part of the Greenways cycle lane scheme) is being installed. 








Hopefully more information will be provided by Enfield Council on timescales for the project shortly.

Note the leaflet shows cars parked by the side of the new green space - sorry Highways but all parking is due to be removed. Perhaps you need to change your image before it goes to print. 


Enfield Council and Thames Water are redeveloping the open space between Carpenter Gardens and Barrowell Green. 

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