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on Thursday, 10 February 2011. Posted in N21 Community, Network Rail

No agenda has been made available for the meeting with Network Rail on Friday February 11th.


The following people from Network Rail will be attending. 
Denise Thompson, Community Relations Manager LNE, Chris McDaid, Project Manager for the scheme, Martyn Wilson, Senior Earthworks Engineer and possibly the Senior Lineside Engineer.


Denise Thompson, Network Rail's Community Rail manager regularly attends meetings with angry residents such as this one. As one local resident has described it, Denise Thompson as 'got form'. She attends meetings up and down the country, following Network Rail's path of destruction, including a meeting with Winchmore Hill Area Forum, in October 2008. 


In summary, Denise Thompson stated that trees would not have been removed unless it was necessary, and that ecological surveys were carried out before such work was done. Network Rail had used a properly qualified company to carry out a survey. She apologised for the lack of pre-notification of the work to local residents - remiss, but they still keep on doing it - they don't seem to learn from their own mistakes.


Ms Thompson reported that Letters would normally have been sent in advance by Network Rail in the interests of being a good neighbour, in case people may be disturbed bl works and to notify local residents if work was being carried out which would have a visual impact. However, the clearance work would still have been carried out.


Ms Thompson has faced the wrath of angry residents up and down the country. In Scunthorpe a petition of nearly 1,000 signatures has been handed over to Network Rail bosses in protest at plans to axe a mile of track-side trees along Brumby Wood Lane (Scunthorpe). Handing over the petition, campaigner Martyn Roach said: "I have collected nearly 1,000 signatures on the strength of Rachel Lowe's comment in the Scunthorpe Telegraph that 'we are not going to not do it just because some residents are unhappy'. I would like to hand over this petition to show how many people are objecting. Network Rail community relations manager Denise Thompson failed to provide evidence in the form of an ecological survey"


More recently, residents in Derbyshire were told that it was not Network Rail's policy to replant the vegetation they havve destroyed, shown in this letter.

We don't want Grange Park to be left like a bomb site. We need a national campaign to put a stop to this lunacy.



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