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Here are some of the happy memories of Grovelands Park, collected during the Centenary weekend. Maybe they could be buried in the park in a 'time capsule' to be dug up in 100 years?


“Watching the ladies cricket teams and 40lb carp in the lake” David


“Pooh sticks in 100acre wood, four seasons in one wonderful place, trees, wild life, lake, Nash house and not another house in sight”  Steve & Judy, 28 years in N21


“Just the best place to walk the dog” Lee, Drapemasters


“Not forgot – pitch & putting, swings & roundabouts, boating, bikes, games & fishing” DAO


“My husband Frank remembered having acorn fights in the late 1950’s. I remember walking through the woods on hot summer afternoons in the late 1980’s. There was always the problem of balancing on a narrow plank over a muddy area” Christine Morton (Assistant Priest at St Paul’s)


“Many good times with Barrie, Kate & Chris (1977 – 1981). One time our rowing boat sank and we got stuck on the island” Ninos Themistolleous


“Remember making dams in the stream, playing on the swings & roundabouts and being late home for tea! Got locked in the park and had to climb over the railings, all in the 1950s & 1960s” Susan Verrall


“This park holds many happy memories, I love the feeling of the grand oak tree as it has watched over this park for many years and will stay standing for as long as I live. This park has always and will always be part of my childhood” Poppy (10)


“The Parkway Crowd – 1930s to 1950s, damming the stream, collecting tennis balls, the police had to be called when one of us went missing in 1942!”


“A very special park for our family. My children (Marie & Poppy), its like having a huge garden as we feel like it belongs to us. We often go to the huge oak tree in all weathers. Their childhood would not have been the same without it. Thank you Grovelands” The Medenis Family


“Feeding swans, wandering through the woods, playing tennis, best park ever! Another 100 years is a must!”


“Feeding the ducks with my young kids” Cllr Martin Prescott


“1987 fishing competition, Monday evening, park keeper forgot us and locked us in” Dennis Lipscombe


“I have known the park for 81 years and have many happy memories fishing & making camps in the woods” Bryan


“The park was so great, the smell, the freedom, the fresh air, we used to go on the boats sometimes” Jilly Clark


 “Best park in the world, spent my young days fishing in the lake, even caught a couple of fish” Rob Ducksworth


“I remember in the 1950’s rock jumping in the stream, also admiring the birds in the aviary” David


“Son aged 3 getting his feet wet in the water in the woods then blaming us, despite lots of warnings!”


“I remember the happy times I had here in this beautiful park” Barbara Atkins


“Early to mid 1960s Enfield Council arranged summer entertainment in the park. My children enjoyed many happy afternoons, including talent competitions, aunty Gee played the piano” Madeline Solomons


“Taking our bikes to cycle up the down and down the up, bombing down the gradients towards the lake, until the park-keeper threw us out on more than one occasion”  Brian Kotz


“When we first looked round the area the first place we went to was Grovelands Park. I knew from that moment we would be very happy here and have never looked back”

“Grovelands is full of memories – mum takes me there with my sis every weekend, (with Kings Head chips after). And the river – I remember using the deep bit (near the submerged bricks) as a water home, my pants as a swimming costume!  Sledging, attempting to fly a kite with dad, rollerskating, learning to ride my bike. Now a new memory 100th anniversary! Thanks Grovelands"


“I grew up with Grovelands, from the age of 7 (ish) it was my playground. We used to see summer shows, play in the woods, bikes, sledging in winter, outside all day in summer. An important part of my life” Lynne (46)


“I find it a very spiritual place to walk in. Beautiful trees & lake. I also love to paint here”. Helen Ryan


“Over 30 years of enjoying Grovelands, especially when my daughter was growing up. Many friends and family have enjoyed the park. Thank you Grovelands! Jo Hall  


“I was weaned on the Travelling Wilburys, it took me back to my childhood! Here’s to Grovelands!” Rachel R


“I have been coming to the park now for 47 years, there is no better! I came from Milton Keynes on my scooter to take part in the parade (we moved last year). I remember the boats, the Punch & Judy, the old playground and the storm that knocked all the trees down and when the lake was drained. I love Grovelands” Juliet King


“Cycling next to the tennis courts all day, because the bumps made you go faster. Falling off the monkey bars and hitting my head”

“Cross country races with Minchenden Upper School, wild games in the woods with the scouts”  Matthew Rawling


“Grovelands was really my back garden from the age of 5 upward, I live in WH and I’m 68. It was like an adventure playground still you could climb trees, swing from branches, fish in the lake and when older row the boats. If I was lucky, I would help the man row the boat to the island, sadly no longer there We laughed and laughed, Grovelands for me is laughter and happiness”. Russell


“Coming skate boarding with my girls”The park that ‘feeds’ the community, picnics, running, ice-cream, Cally loves Grovelands”


“Time spent in this beautiful park has been intoxicating, life changing, enjoy the beauty we have around Winchmore Hill” Sonia Wallace


“Proposed to my wife in Grovelands in 2004” Freddy


“Playing cricket on the grass fields, enjoying a picnic, love it here x”

“Broke my foot in the Park whilst playing football with my sons in 1978, fond memories”


“Happy family times, learnt to row on the lake, horse riding on Saturdays, 1956 onwards” Nicola Kilkenny


“A group of us meet regularly for a Saturday walk around this lovely park”

“A beautiful park, let’s hope it is still as green in 100 years time” Jack & Isobel


“Sitting on great grandma, being reminded of the happy memories I had with her” Anna Rayson


“Grovelands is centre of our N21 life” Julia


“I remember enjoying the simple things, kicking leaves in the woods with my dog in 1948 as a youngster” Clare Hutchinson


“Been coming to the park for over 50 years I used to do my cross country through the park, including twice around the lake”

“Making an enormous snowball in the park”


"When my wife & I were courting, one evening we overstayed and were locked in and had to climb over the gate” Gill & Dick Pritchard


” I remember rowing on the lake in the 70s, and the witches hat in the playground where we used to hang out” Rachel Kelly


 “The best part of Grovelands Park is when I am with my family”

“I used to spend a lot of time in Grovelands Park when playing truant from school (Mid 1970s). My golf improved and what I saw in the woods was an education in itself” Paul Kramer


“I remember the playground before Health & Safety!”


“I took part in a fishing competition during the summer holidays in 1960. The only fish I caught was a dead one floating on the surface. Afterwards my cousin Peter and I took a boat out on the lake, very enjoyable” Robert


 “I grew up on one side of Grovelands Park and now I live almost in the park, on the other side. It’s a wonderful space with so much to offer” Natalie


“Winchmore Hill wouldn’t be the same without the park! The festival should be here every year!”

Here are some of the happy memories of Grovelands Park, collected during the Centenary weekend. Maybe they could be buried in the park in a 'time capsule' to be dug up in 100 years?

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