Make your garden a honey pot for bees

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Take a leaf out of Sainsbury's book (read Sainsbury's to open bee hotel in N21) and take steps to help reverse the decline in bee numbers.

1. Make your garden more bee friendly by planting more bee friendly plants.  Honey bees like wildflowers such as knapweed, ox-eye daisies and sun flowers, which have simple, single flowers, eanbling them to get to the pollen easily, as they have a shorter proboscis than Bubblebees, they can't get the pollen and nectar from tubular plants.

2. Let your lawn grow longer and ignore the clover and daisies because they are an excellent food sourse for bees.

3. Next time you are looking for new shrubs and bushes to plant in the garden, think about Cotoneaster, also hazel, as the catkins of hazel are an important food source for bees in the spring.  Whilst Ivy can be a nuisance, Ivy flowers are important for them in the Autumn, to enable them to build up their resources.

4. Bees do make a bee line for certain plants, they have colour preferences. They like blues, mauves, violets, as well as white flowers, because these contain ultra violet which the bees are able to see.  Recommended plants include English Lavender, Salvia Nemerosa, Nepeta Six Hills Giant, Johnson's Blue Cranesbill's Geraniums, Scabious Chile Black, Verbena Bonariensis, Phacelia Tanacetifolia and Cerinthe major Purpurascens.

For a more complete list of plants go to
The Copella Bee Garden was a Silver Gilt winner at Hampton Court this year.


5. Herbs are another bee favourite, especially thyme, hyssop, oregano, mint and sage.

6. Support Woodcroft Wildspace's bee-keeping project, more details here

7. Join the growing army of urban bee keepers.  Enfield Beekeepers is a good starting point, they are happy to offer advice to get you started and hold introductory courses and honey tasting sessions. Read their profile on n21online here

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8. You can buy a bee-keeping starter kit from

If we have any urban beekeepers in N21 it would be great to hear from you. Happy to help you to sell local honey through

Take steps to help reverse the decline in bee numbers.

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