Its beginning to feel a lot like Winter

on Tuesday, 29 November 2016. Posted in N21 Experts


Katy Schweiger of Domestico provides simple and inexpensive tips for facing up to winter, our most challenging season.


So before the thermometer drops any further, wh not fully prepare yourself, your family and your home for everything the weather throws at us. Have a look below for our list of essentials


Those boots are made for walking

The staple of British winter – boots are a must. Whether trendy leather, flower power wellies or the sensible sort, give them a spray inside with shoe freshener if they haven't been worn for a while. Check right down to the toes, when we were children, my poor aunt found a dead mouse in the bottom of her boot!


Warmth and comfort first, especially standing on cold stations, talking the kids to school or out with the dog. You can keep chilblains at by adding some wool or felt insoles.

Try our DIY solution. Simply use one of the insoles from your favourite winter shoes to make a pattern on the fabric of your choice. Try re-using an old jumper for a more environmentally-friendly approach.


Heads and toes

With temperatures gravitating more and more towards the single digit range, make sure everyone is wrapped up warm.When you watch Scandi box sets they are always wearing hats, so should we!


Not sure it is worth investing in good gloves, except for special occasions. We have a basket of cheap gloves, hats and scarves in the hall, perfect for when you just can't seem to find your favourites in a rush or guests need wrapping up.


Make Water Afraid

Protect your clothing from water by spraying it with some hydrophobic (water-repellent) spray. From personal experience, I'd recommend NeverWet – available from and Homebase. A light coating protects your clothing by creating a barrier between the fabric and the outside world, repelling any liquid which comes in contact with it. The spray works on a large variety of surfaces including leather, suede, polyester, cotton/poly blends and canvas.


Newspapers In Shoes

A simple, cheap and effective way to keep damp away from your shoes is to simply stuff them with some old newspaper sheets. Not only will the paper absorb the moisture from the air which otherwise would have collected in your shoes, filling your shoes will help keep their shape (particularly useful for boots). Definitely a useful trick to try this season!


Umbrella Stands

With heavy, grey clouds looming over the outside world ever more often, November can be a time particularly devoid of colour. So, if we can't improve the weather, how about making the home more colourful to help beat the autumn blues. A useful little addition which can greatly brighten any home is a colourful umbrella stand; so you always know where your brolly is before dashing out.


Wet Dog

The bane of dog owners across the land during every rainy season. Make sure your home is not engulfed in the horrid smell by following these simple tips to get your pet ready for those long walks in the park, even after the rain.





Dry your dog and keep them smelling fresh and clean. You can't eliminate the smell of wet dog from your home until you first eliminate it from your dog first. Bathe your dog at least every other week and dry their coat thoroughly before letting them roam the house. You could also try a leave-in conditioner to not only keep your pet's coat in good shape, but also to help eliminate more odour.


Minimise muddy footprints around your house by using a microfiber doormat designed especially with wet paws in mind. My personal favourite is the Soggy Doggy brand.


Use a steam cleaner to clean the mud and dirt which will, inevitably, get on your upholstery at some point during this season. For the peskier stains, we recommend the Vanish products, especially for stains on your carpets. Also, to keep your carpet dog-smell free, we recommend Glade's Shake n Vac, available in several scents. From my own, personal experience, these work great to remove odours on any carpeted area


Leave a generous amount of oil diffusers around the house for a fresh scent. Its like the telly ad, you might not smell dog in your home but your visitors will!


Keep your dogs' beds clean on regular basis. The simplest way to do so is to cover the beds with children's fitted sheets, allowing you to simply remove the sheet and wash it as needed.


Once that's done, draw the curtains, shut out the world, get out the throws and the rugs and enjoy the warm and comfortable 'hygge' you have created!

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