How to Help Your Child to Improve School Grades this Year

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The beginning of the school year is always an exciting time for parents as well as children. Whatever their ability, it is always possible to help them to become more confident learners and enjoy their school work. Vassos Vassilou of the After School Learning Centre proves some simple guidance to help you to help your child.


Do you want to help your child to achieve better grades this year? The beginning of the academic year is the perfect start to get started, especially as most children are actually excited to be getting back to school. Here are some simple tips to help to build on this renewed zest for learning.


Here are six common school problems which often hold children back.


1. Improve Study Skills

Most schools don't teach study skills, but it is important for children to learn to focus on school work when it has to be done. This includes paying attention in class and taking pride in their school work and sharing their school day and achievements with you. 


2. Homework is here to stay

Avoiding it won't make it go away. Developing good homework habits makes it easier and quicker to finish. So try putting together a homework strategy and sticking to it.


3. Disorganisation

Being disorganised makes it difficult to focus and is a major issue for some children. If necessary, encourage your child to spend a minute a day to tidy a messy bag or set aside 10 minutes to work on handwriting if sloppiness is an issue


4. Attendance

One of the easiest ways to improve grades is showing up. Missing lessons every now and then might seem minor, but a portion of a child's grades come from taking part in class activities, which they can't do if they are not there. Don't allow your child to 'pull a sickie' unless it is absolutely necessary.


5. Forgetting work

Encourage your child to avoid relying on memory to remember homework. Most schools provide diaries to help keep work on track. Help your child to use their diary to remember important dates, work towards goals and plan after school activities


6. Get help

If your child struggled last year, chances are that the same problem will be an issue again. Don't wait and see if the problem will go away. Get help and improve your child's grades. Outside help can solve problems once and for all in core subjects like Maths and English.


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Following the above simple steps will make learning fun and reduce stress. Have a great year!

The beginning of the school year is always an exciting time for parents as well as children.

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